December 10, 2007

GOSH it's warm outside!

Can you believe it is 71 degrees outside today and humid as can be. It sure is hard to get into the Holiday spirit when it feels like summer! I can't complain though. While I prefer it cold, I know many of you are dipping into the freezing weather. Keep warm and send some of those winter flurries this way!

Well, I've been tagged by little miss SUE! We all know these tags are made for sharing links with our fellow Blogging friends (you never know what you'll discover).

The name of the game is to share something about myself that you don't already know. Hum, anyone in the world can read a blog, so unless you know me personally, I'd say you probably know nothing about me, LOL, which in turn means I can share basicallly anything and it'll be news to you. goes.

  • I am the QUEEN of typos. Those who receive my Rubbapalooza newsletter can attest to that! What's bad is now that I have a Blog, the WORLD will know of them as well.

  • I fall asleep when reading even for 5 minutes! I've never been one for long stories. The only books that peak my interest are Visually Stimulating books (i.e, Home and Gardening, Somerset Studio, etc.). Maybe it's due to the fact I like instant gratification. Maybe this is why I gave up on needlepoint and crochet LONG ago!

  • I'm a trash to treasure girl. My husband would disagree...he'd say I'm a JUNK girl. If there is something that catches my eye and I think it's useable, I pick it up..regardless of where it is. My closets in fact are overflowing with my 'useful' findings, LOL. One night we took a family walk and I spotted this AMAZING old Remington typewriter the neighbors were throwing out. Yes, I know! This beauty was out by the curb just calling to me "bring me home".

  • Now, if you are into Altered Art, then you KNOW what a gem this was to find! It was rusty and used; and even had the old typewriter ribbon still in it. Apparently my husband didnt' think it was as valuable, so he threw it BACK out to the trash and OFF came my head! I'll leave last comment to your own imagination. of those man vs woman showdowns. If I threw out the crusty old golf bag sitting in the shed for 7 years now I'd never hear the end of it!
  • Hum, I think I'm supposed to do 7 of these things 'things about myself''. Oddly I can't think of's becausse I'm under pressure. Maybe I should ask what you'd like to know? We'll count this one as #4 and call it "The Gap".
  • <<<>I do. Now, I bet that's a fact you didn't know about me. There could be one floating right here besides me, (or you) at this very moment. You probably think I'm crazy, but there have been MANY oddball things happen in this world, that to discount an alternate dimension as existing would not be fair. This oddball fact could stem some serious discussion..but it's getting late and I have 2 more facts to let's move on.
  • OK, who's looking for typos, LOL? Here's another nothing fact about me: I don't read the newspaper or watch the news. Is that a worthy fact? I tend to look away from all the terrible things that are happening in the world. My co-worker calls it "Melanie's land of denial", while I simply call it "Melanie's happy dimension". With a family of 5, a full time job and my 'extra cirricula' activites, who has the time to deal with all the trama going on in the world? If there is something of REAL importance then it will trickle down to me somehow. My husband is good at keeping me informed of things I "should" know going on about the world.

OK..I am wiped out and need to hit the sack. Luckily for my victums (I mean, fellow Taggers), they will only need to post as many fun facts as I did.

Now to spread the LOVE! It's time to TAG some fellow Bloggers. Make sure you check out their blogs; they are some FABULOU-SO stampers!

You know what to do girls! Spread the LOVE.


Lynn said...

I wish it was warm outside (or even inside!) here! You're lucky! Thanks a lot for making me have to think this morning...I see you tagged me. ;-)Off to think of 7 ramdon things...hmmmm


PS...I'm a junk collector too! Too bad you don't live nearby we could go garage saling together!

Anonymous said...

WOW! That IS warm! It's about..oh 30ish over my way. We are supposed to get more ice and snow coming too! :) BTW...LOVE those pictures!! Such an awesome typewriter! My grandpa used to fix them years ago!

Denise ~ said...

I'm very jealous that your weather is so warm! It's only about 30 degrees here and we've got snow. I'm happy for the white Christmas possibilities, but I hate the cold!

Stampin' Heather said...

I sure wish it was 70 degrees today. I've been watching the snow fall for over an hour now. I guess I'm not leaving the house this weekend.

Heidi said...

Wow that is really warm! I looked out the window just a little while ago & it is snowing here. Thanks for sharing the fun facts about yourself! BTW-LOVE the typewriter!!
PS>I see you tagged me *wink* I will play along but I might not be able to post it until this weekend. So many things going on & never enough time-lol!!