May 9, 2008

Fresh 'n Funky

Well, it's Friday and here I am playing catch-up, again. I've been cutting back (eliminating actually) on various activities to generate more time for stamping. Not a day goes by when I'm not thinking about creating SOMETHING. Thinking about something doesn't get you far, you have to actually implement the idea...and move on to making it happen.

No worries, I'll be on track soon. I've been compiling ideas in my trusty idea books. These idea books happen to be stuffed with random pieces of paper that have my 'idea of the moment' jotted down. Ideas can come from simply riding down the street, or sitting outside with the kids. The "random pieces of paper" can be anything from a napkin, box or an old gum wrapper lying in the bottom of my purse. Don't act so surprised...I know MANY of you do the same...especially those with creative minds.

Let's move on to activities of the day and my Fresh 'n Funky post. First, I'd like to share a card I received from a friend (not sure who, there was no name on the back).

Isn't it lovely? Look at all the layers and the colors! Notice the thin chocolate chip cardstock backing the pink and green designer paper? The colored brads really add a special touch, matching wonderfully with all the cardstock colors on the card.

Now I'd like to share some wonderful graphics I took photos of today while out at Perkins Rowe. I LOVE these images. They're so up with today's graphic images; colorful, animated, crisp, Fresh 'n Funky!

Here's the first. These colors are so vivid. I guess the idea behind this is, if you shop all day you get a figure like hers, LOL!

Here she is close-up. So stylish!

Here's another. The entire canvas is colored in the background. It makes quite an impact compared to being just white.

Here's the far right side of the canvas shown above. I wonder what they do with these canvas's once all the stores a opened?

Sadly, none of these images were my FAVORITE. I think they took her down. Maybe I'll scout out the area again and get some more shots.

Now I'm off to pack for a workshop tomorrow in Metairie. I'll have more images later. Have a GREAT weekend my friends.


Norma Kennedy said...

Your Mothers Day card is sooo Beautiful with all the special touches !!!! I also luv those Funky Girl images- tooo Cute !


Glitter Monkey said...

Beautiful Mother's Day cards. We had our Mother's Day in the UK in March! I just love the images on the bottom one -thanks for sharing. Lol Lynn x