February 22, 2009

Crop Celebration workshops

I'm really rev'n up for Crop Celebration next weekend in Hammond, LA. I've been designing for weeks now, working in between the grey box at the office and watching LOST and HEROS. Here's a glimpse into a few of my workshop projects.

Since you've seen the Raspberry Tart Tin Star already, I'm going to skip that and show you some others. If you are interested in any of these classes, sign up early because I am limiting the size of my classes this year.

Urban Garden "Cherish" Plaque
This class is $7. I only have spots for 12 participants (which breaks down to 6 each class).

Sweet, Sweet Spring
What better way to start spring than to send some hand-made notecards to a friend. Class includes each of these 5 notecards along with envelopes. Here are two of the five cards:

Yummy Decor

If you've been wanting to try out the new Decor Elements, now's your chance. Here I've used the pink flower on a plain black frame. Add a few little extras and walla, a great gift for someone (Teacher Appreciation or Mother's Day maybe)?

Hope you've enjoyed this little sneakity-peekity.

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ButterCup said...

Very pretty! Good job :)