March 23, 2010

Bonnet for a Southern hare

"Hello Mrs. Hare.  Is that a new bonnet you're dawn'n?"

"Why yes Ms. Willomenia.  It's brand spanking new.   I spotted it in the window at Mr. Mosbey's store as I was hop'n by.  It caught my eye and I just HAD to have it!"

"Why, it sure does look mighty proper atop your head.  Dare I say, you're gonna be the envy of the warren!

"I declare, that butterfly must not realize those flowers are artificial."  They softly giggle; noses wrinkle and wiggling.

"It sure is mighty becoming.  Mr. Hare can barely keep his eyes off you"

"....or his paws for that mat-uh."

"Why thank you kindly Ms. Willomenia.  I believe I'll wear this to the upcoming Easter egg hunt.  The word is, it'll be a bright and sunny day.  This bonnet will come in handy to keep the sun from my delicate eyes." be continued.

If you'd like to see more Easter Bonnets, be sure to check out the Paper Crafters Sampler.  You'll have to scroll pass the miniature bird houses.

On a more serious note, I went out and purchased this after dropping the kids off at school. 

It was cheap (from Lowes), $6 or so.  The last one I had was mobbed by basketball players and BB guns.  The birds are coming out more often and I have an uncontrollable need to feed them.  I figured they'll pay me back with their singing in the long run.

The problem now is deciding where to hang it.  It's really a finch feeder (although I filled it with standard seed).  They're supposed to be hung so many feet off the ground.  Boy, who would have thought there were bird guidelines for feeders?  I guess the birds like having it high so predators don't get them.

Here are the two trees I must select from to hang the feeder.  This is the oak, visible directly from the living room.  Hanging the feeder here allows me to watch the activity from inside the house.


My second option is here.  It's another oak.  Recently we've had a GAZILLION Tufted Titmouse hanging out in this tree. 

OK, I'm exaggerating.  There are about 20 or so (now), but even THAT is a lot.  Last week (when I was filming my Detailed Silhouette Stamping video), I went to the tree to see what kind of bird was making ruckus (I mean, singing a lovely song).  I saw the titmouse, and then another and when I looked closer, the tree was full of them. There had to be 40 alone.  They were eating the newly developed seedlings in the treetop.  It was a vision in itself.  I filmed it ya know.  The video needs to be edited but I'm not sure of the quality because there was glare on the view finder.   We'll see.

OK.  Enough of this.  I have some craft'n to do.  SO behind! 

Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful Spring weather.


Tiffany Bauer said...

That bonnett is too stinkin' cute and so is your "converstation"!!! You are too funny!!!

Loretta Rodger said...

What a fun and beautiful project! I love the spring colors, I am so ready for warm weather!