May 21, 2010

Bunting Dreamers Shadow Box

Here's my latest mixed media project.  I am enjoying working with these shadow boxes.  Working on a smaller scale allows you to hold and examine the piece closely.

The project started off with painting the base of my shadow box rich dark brown.  Sheet music and acrylic paints were then added to give it layers.

The bunting came from a collection of bird images I had.  The wing over the blue bunting is a real dragonfly wing.  I collect LOTS of wings and it ranges from a dragonfly's, cicadas to birds.  If it's on the ground it will be quickly scooped up.  Sometimes I need to clip the wings (from the dead insect).  Including bits and pieces from nature into this art form adds to its appeal.

A sheet from a 1959 pocket planner here used for the image supports.  The red dots are sealing wax.  They were added to balance the faux red postage stamp.

A close-up of the button.  The hand-written text is mine.

Finally, here's a shot of the box closed.  I've just uploaded this to my Etsy account.  Being that it's an original, there is only one available.

Here's to a creative weekend!

Here's the template I used to create the patriotic basket.  Simply trim off the top of the egg to your desired height.


Diane said...

I love all the detail--thank you for sharing the close up views!!

Artyfax said...

great! I have been toying with the idea of something more 3-dimensional and this is so very inspiring. Thanks for taking us thru the process

Pearl Maple said...

Fabulous creation, followed your link from one of the creative blog parties and really enjoyed visiting your posts.

Heather said...

beautiful...saw it on FB. Hopped over to your blog, love your work!