October 17, 2010

A Southern Pumpkin Patch

A spur of the moment trek to Trinity Lutheran Church for a photo op in the pumpkin patch with the boys today.

There were only 3 images altered/cropped. The lighting was perfect. It's nearly impossible to take an unworthy photo with so many brightly colored gourds in one place.

Below are a few images from our journey, and through the power of blogging you'll get to join us.  Let's go.

First up...the entrance (partial view of the full patch).  I took this through the front window while driving in.

The Warty gourd....

The REALLY Warty gourd.....

Shade, sun, oak trees and gourds.  This photo should give you a feeling of what the weather was like today.
A perfect fall day!

THIS is my FAVORITE image.  Isn't this woody stem amazing??  Great contrast against the bright orange color and ripples on the pumpkin.

An orange mass beneath a shady Southern oak.  This was my second favorite image. 

Sunny pumpkins.

A few off-color gourds.  Just as beautiful as the orange ones.

It's interesting how some interpret the word "Smile"....

That's it for now.  I'll have the remaining images tomorrow. 

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