March 3, 2011

The Tissue Collector

It's been a whilte since we've seen Shakespeare, the squirrel that we rescued and nursed.  She spent most of her days outside, roaming during the day and sleeping in her tree nest at night.  Whenever she peeked in the back door (being made of glass), I'd take the oppurtunity to play with her.

This particular day, I propped the door open and let her play inside while the kids were watching TV.  She made her way over to the end table and found the box of tissue.  The video below is her reaction.

Her pattern was to grab some tissue and then run outside to the Kayak and stuff it inside the front (in the storage department). She was building a nest inside the Kayak, which was apparent when I took of the storage department cover.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Your video made my day! how fortunate you are to have such a sweet and funny playmate!