November 25, 2007

A Charming Christmas

Well, today's the big day of decorating the house for Christmas. It'll take ALL day so I'm making a blog post early as I doubt I'll get back at the end of the day. A great day for being indoors as it's pouring outside.

Lately I've been working on my Flickr account. I have had a Webshots account for YEARS but really love the clean and crispness that Flickr offers, so I'm slowly changing over. I won't be getting rid of my Webshots as there are many who refer to it for ideas, but it's time to move onto something more modern.

For those not familiar with Flickr, it's a site that allows you to upload your photos/projects to share with others. I came across the site back in the Summer (can't remember how...probably due to my continual Internet surfing). It is a place that offers many, many ideas for inspiration and art.

Today I created a mosaic with images from some of my favorite Flickr members. It's called "A Charming Christmas". Many of the photos have a Vintage charm (which is why I selected them). Below you can view the images, but if you select this link "A Charming Christmas", it'll give you access to view the sites where each photo is published. Beware, it's addictive! I've spent hours jumping from one Flickr account to the other. Completely justifiable if it enriches your spirit and brings you joy!

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rozie640 said...

Wow, very pretty, I love all those images, just beautiful. Thanks for sharing!