March 25, 2008

Decorative Cans

Here's something I have been working on. These were once canned foods. The top of the can was opened with one of those 'safe' can openers that allow for smooth edges around the open edge.

Other supplies included a Crop-o-dile, jumbo eyelets and designer paper. You should try these yourself. It's a great way of recycling. Hopefully the images I took while working on the cans will help.

Here are three cans I completed. Two use the Ginger Blossoms designer paper and the other Le Jardin.

Here's a close-up of the flowers cut from the Ginger Blossoms double-sided designer paper.

Those who purchased my "Le Bon Oeuf" kit will recognize the stamp set used here. The outside of the can is covered with a vanilla strip of cardstock stamped with olive and artichoke inks.

The tissue stuffing the can was also stamped to match the outside, so it all coordinates.

Now, how did I get those holes? Simple. First start out by punching a hole with the hole punch on your Crop-o-dile. Remember, there is a screw and slide measure located below the punch so you can decide how deep you want to make your hole from the edge of the can. Simply unscrew, slide to your desired depth and then tighten.

Here's what the hole looks like from the inside. The image on the left already has an eyelet in place.

Push your jumbo eyelet in place.

Adjust your 4-way dials on your Crop-o-dile and seal your eyelet. The directions for sealing on are the packaging for the Crop-o-dile.

Here's the eyelet in place with a ribbon running through.


Debbie Yates said...

Great tutorial and I love your music! The cans are just gorgeous - I just bought one of those great can openeers and have been trying to figure out some designs- this helps alot - TFS! God bless-

Elaine said...

Wow, your cans are all gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Very creative and just beautiful! Who wouldn't love receiving a gift in these!

~Denise Lynn~ said...

Beautiful! Love how you used the jumbo eyelets for the hangers. Great idea. :)

Erin... said...

great tutorial and projects!! Thanks for sharing!!

Lynn said...

Just beautiful! wonderful way to recycle! (I need to get one of the safe can openers so I can try this)