April 22, 2009

Research Rose Garden

Here are the more images of the roses I capatured during my visit to the Burden Research Center.

I'll start first with this bright and cheery yellow rose. There were quite a few yellow roses, but this one seemed to be the hardiest. It's it amazing how the leaf color works together with the colors of the rose.

Here is the lavender-mauve rose I had one of the boys go back to get the name. Sadly I can not remember. I believe it was "Parfume Mauve"? Hum. I just might go back and write the name down. Since visiting this garden I've decided I'd like a rose garden of my own in the backyard. Keeping up with anything else is to time consuming for me (personally) with all that I have going on in this household. OK...back to roses.

NOW, here's my favorite "color" rose (since visiting the center). It's called "Tuscany". How appropriate! Those multi-tones immediately remind me of a Tuscan sun hitting those stucco homes. Shades of Yellow, Salmon, Orange, Peach. What else is in there?

Here are two of my favorite shots that really show off the colors. It looks as if there are some pinks and reds in this rose. These colors are so summery, it reminds me of a fiesta.

This is a nice back view of the rose. The white of the sky silhouettes this rose nicely. Which photo do you like more, the one above or below?

Thought I'd share one more photo, of brotherly love. I was trying to get a photo of the boys but the little guy had something on his mouth and his big brother was trying to clean it. How rare is THAT?! I don't ever remember cleaning the face of my siblings, LOL!

Have a great day!


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Stampndragon said...

Love the top picture of the Tuscany Rose...like you said very fiesta colored...beautiful! I have been going to local garden tours recently and have posted pictures taken on my blog...last one was of Iris Gardens...