April 22, 2009

Spring Flowers

Two weeks ago I took the boys to the LSU Burden Research Center here in town. The facility has rows of bedded roses. Our original goal to the center was to take the nature walk currently under construction; but there were so many mosquitos we decided to just walk the isle of roses (secretly this was my original plan...only they didn't know that).

You can see here how far back the rose bed goes. There may be close to 10 rows or more. It was rather hot out so we didn't stay long, just enough for me to enjoy their beauty.

Here I sent one of the boys to the back of the row on the right to find out the name of the lavender-mauve rose that had the light perfume scent. He was NOT a happy boy.

While there were quite a few roses in bloom, they weren't at there peak. I might be a little to early in the year to see them in all their glory. Still, I managed to get great shots of some real beauties. Don't ask what the names were, I only remember two. Here are some of my favorites.

Look at the layers of colors on this rose. Isn't she just lovely?

Here's another view, with some buds faded in the background. Look at way the layers of petals encircle each other. This particular rose reminded me of our Louisiana camelias.

What's more delicate than a soft pink rose?

THIS soft pink rose. What's most attractive about this particular variety, are the dark green leaves against the pale pink petals. Notice how the lower petals fall away to allow the center of the rose to stand more upright. Just beautiful.

After 20 minutes of taken photos we had to hit the road. The little one was hot (as you can see from the sweat dripping on his face).

The roses they are smelling are some of my FAVORITES for color. I have photos to share, but you need to relish the ones I've posted above, so I will wait and share the remainder of my photos tomorrow. Until then....goodnight.

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