May 15, 2009

Spring Soiree one day away.

Well, the weekend has finally arrived for the Rubbapalooza Spring Soiree. It's taken lots of planning and I'm sure those registered are going to enjoy creating the Blossoms Tapestry awaiting them.

I'm off to take care of the final preparation. First thing is to prepare the fruit tart. Take a look at these juicy blackberries that will add to the yummiest factor of the fresh fruit tart.

Below are a few more sweets for the special event made by yours truly. If you ever wonder why petite fours cost so much at the bakeries, the images below will answer your question. Each one of these cakes must be hand-dipped into fondant. It's quite messy, but product that results is a sweet sensation.

The original desire to create these cakes were for a few friends, but things didn't pan out delivering them so they were saved for tomorrows event. Roses were added (because roses and petite fours just make them more delectable). I kind of went wild wiht the piping and started making crazy designs.

Below you can see my feeble attempt to make a baby head with a small curl on top, but it looks more like a tele-tubby. The dress, well, that's NOT the figure you'll get if you eat more than 6 of these. STAP was supposed to spell "Stamp" but, I jumped ahead and put a "P" instead of an "M". Maybe I should eat this before the event so there aren't questions as to what it means, LOL!

Now it's time to finish bagging goodies and setting up tables. Here's to a fun and creative weekend.

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