May 25, 2009

Tulipe Vinyl Tutorial

Here's a "Tulipe Vinyl Tutorial" demonstrating the use of vinyl cling with the Tulipe Bigz diecut available from Stampin' Up! ©. The tutorial is a series of photos and narration explaining how the vinyl cling was applied to the "Decorative Fleur Plaque". While the sample shows the vinyl cling applied to wood, glass, cardstock and tiles are just a few more items useful for this application.

"Tulipe Vinyl Tutorial" $5 and is sent in .wmv format.

The "Decorative Fleur Plaque" shown above and below is also available for purchase for those who are interesting in adding a charming plaque to their home or as a gift to your significant other for upcoming father's day. The Decorative Fleur Plaque is available for $12.00 ($3 S&H not included). Each plaque was individually hand-crafted, painted with acrylics, oils, wired and sealed all. The cream colored dots were added one by one achieving an old folk art effect.

Plaque measurements are 5" x 7". There are only 10 plaques availalbe currently. Please remember that each of these are hand-crafted and the colors of the oil paint and acrylics will vary slightly with each (some lighter, some darker) which only adds to their appeal and orginality.

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Margaret R said...

This is beautiful!!! Great decorative piece!