October 23, 2009

A space to create

Finalized a few projects I have been working on. It was time to get back in gear for Halloween art. First thing on the list, get my work station cleaned.

Here is what it looked like after I cleaned up a bit. It was MUCH worse than this. I have a habit of starting off with a big area to craft and work myself into a teeny, tiny workspace. See that grid sheet in the center of the table? That was the only thing you could see before I took the photo.

Here's what it looked like after. I took all of the 'tidbits' on the table from the upper right corner and threw them into a tin pan. Generally I like to sort it out so I can find it in the future but I was trying to cram in some art time before the kids came home. No time for sorting just yet.

That stack of papers on the upper left-hand side of the table was under the SB paper you see in the photo above.

What happens now? Start making Halloween projects and restock the table with 'stuff', eventually narrowing my work space back down to that one little grid sheet.

Here is Jack, aka "The Beast". He is what keeps me company the entire day. Not that I 'need' the company or want it. He follows me around the entire day; well, most of it, part of the time he's sleeping

When I'm creating, he shows up in the same room and stares out the window. It's worse around 3pm when he knows the kids will be coming home.

Still not sure why the spouse thought we needed yet another thing to take care of. Just something else to clean up after (taking time away from my creating). He is a pretty dog though, and trained if there is 'food' involved, otherwise, he's got free reign to do what he wants to you. Both the boys hit the ground when they see the dog coming, otherwise he'll knock them right over. He's as strong as an ox. Well, strong enough for the 5 yo to ride on his back until I catch him and make him get off.

OK, enough of That Dog. Here's one of the cards I put together whilst waiting for the kiddos to arrive. Two projects developed during this particular stamping hour, but I'll have to wait to share the other b/c the 5yo is in the back crying (his big brother left him alone; he's still in the "scared of being alone" phase).

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Claudia said...

I thought it was funny how you talked about Jack and wanted to let you know that he is absolutely gorgeous! I have 3 dogs following me around all day and love their company. I think you'll get to that point too one day?! Have fun stamping with Jack *grin*