October 28, 2009

Paper Craft Fanatics Nov 09

So, upon arising this morning, I glanced at the calendar and noticed October ends in 3 days. Sadly I looked a few weeks further and made note of several deadlines coming sooner than expected along with Thanksgiving.

Sunday is November 1st, the biggest "List-making" day of the year (no statistic there, just my own personal list-making skills kicking in gear). It's probably more accurate to say it's the biggest list-making "Month" of the year.

Not sure where I'm going with this. The fact that I looked at that calendar and went through the entire month of November in just seconds was scary.

Moving on.

Here's a preview of the November Paper Club Fanatics Club (PCF).

This November Paper Craft Fanatics issue focuses on the "True Friends" stamp set and the Autumn Meadows Designer Paper. Why not use that beautiful paper whilst it's still available?

Each issue issue is $5.00, release the 14th of each month. The November issue will be released the FIRST of the month (give you time to get those Fall cards done). The December issue will be up and viewable for the 14th of the same month (Holiday cards of course, you need to start them now).

Once payment is received, I provide the code for you to download the PDF (which will be released on November 1st).

NOVEMBER SPECIAL: Purchase$25 in product from my SU! website or email me your order and you get the tutorial for free. My guess is you'll want the Autumn Meadows DSP.

If you'd like just the PCF issue, simply use the Paypal Button below.

Now for a little tidbit about the happenings around my abode.

The kids decorated for Halloween last weekend and hung this hideous thing up outside my craft room. The spouse purchased it last year and I had trouble with it then. It's horrid and creepy. For 3 days this thing swung and stared at my while I worked. Talk about effecting your creative mojo!

Our daughter finally turned it around and tied it to the column (a request her father had been making for 3 days). Still gives me the Hebee jeebies looking at the back of it.

Please ignore the dirty windows. That's dog slob-uh (another creative mojo inhibitor).

Speaking of "Da Beast". Here he is in all his glory. Don't be fooled by those puppy-dog eyes. He's in my way and I'm asking him to move (he is refusing).

You see, there is a love seat just 2 more feet right behind my chair. There's little space to move already between the table and chair without having That Dog in the way. This translates into having limited space for moving between the table and chair. I get up and down often while crafting so I can get to my supplies (the table has limited space).

There is another reason I'd rather he leave the room. I hear his stomach churning all the time...which translates into foul odor when you least expect it. In turn, it requires me to leave my crafting spot until things are smelling "sunshine fresh". I'm more afraid he's going to smell up my card stock.

More on the home front. My youngest offspring has taking on drawing. That makes me quite happy. He's been watching me drawing and painting. It's a good feeling knowing your children are watching and learning from you.

Here has has drawn himself along with an image of me. He said in this photo I was holding him (which is why I'm puzzled as to why he's on the bottom of the sheet). I love what he's done with my hair; and he's gotten parts of the anatomy right :-)

I wonder if he randomly located the pupil of the eye or if he was trying to note that I'm always rolling mine?

Another grandiose drawing. Still working with the rolling eye thing. I like this rendition better, I look thinner, yes?

Wondering now why he's drawn himself to look like a monkey? Being that he climbs all over the furniture at home (and I mean CLIMBS it), this monkey image might suit him just fine.

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