January 23, 2010

ARTistic Paper Crafting ~ A Passion

I've a busy Saturday ahead, so this will be a short post. Well, it's one of those inner you post and may wind up longer than expected. I'm going to insert images randomly thoughout which I hope will keep you with me until the very end. Images like this one:

Two years ago I attended an event (for women) that helped you find your inner passion. Passion, as in, "what is your true passion". What lifts your spirits and makes you smile?

In a nutshell, the lecturers had you list 10 things that made ME happy.  It could be anything.  Each participants list varied to include things such as:  family, walks in the park, reading a book, fishing, travel, antiquing, sunshine, morning coffee shop chats, losing weight, etc. 

Once lists were compiled, you were paired with a partner who through process of elimination had you cross off the items on your list and you were left with your passion.

It was no surprise to me that paper crafting was at the top of my list.  It felt kind of guilty.  Remember, some of the things on my list were VERY important; obviously my family and the things we shared.

Paper Crafting??  I kept looking at my answer.  How terrible of me to have paper crafting at the top of my list above my family.

I wasn't alone.  As others neared completion, they were just as surprised of what topped their list.  For some it was travel, others boating, others walks in the wood or simply having time to sit in the bookstore reading a book. 

Now, you're probably thinking we were a bunch of self-centered women.  Listening to the lectures they explained why our answers were the furthest from what we expected. 

Let's remember, women are the wearers of many hats.  We over-commit, say yes when we want to say "No".  With so many obligations and duties to others, it is easy to understand why we forget what we love and who we are.


I keep looking at my list to find a way to push paper crafting to the bottom so my family could sore to the top.  Nothing worked.  Regardless of how I manipulated my first few answers, paper crafting would top the list.

After a few minutes I just had to come to grips with my answer.  I am a paper crafter.  It's that simple.  Paper in any form whether it's, cardstock, newspaper, old books, greeting cards.  An empty journal at the art store with it's creamy colored paper and fresh smell, beckoning for that first pencil strike. 

Paper crafting for me is relaxing, intense, allows me to express myself.  Transforming a simple sheet of paper into a work of Art gives me an unbelievable sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.  It's my happy place, my refuge. 

We all need something, whether it be a place, image or craft to allow us to escape.  Something that allows you to relax, wind-down and revive yourself.  A time out from the daily or monthly chores, schedules in our lives that drain our spirits and our energies until we're completed exhausted.

That place, image or craft is your Passion.  It's your wind down.  It's what will without a doubt revive your inner-self.  It can be planting the first spring seed for a gardener, creating the ultimate savory souffle for a chef, of sitting on a park bench listening to birds for others.

How can a paper crafting passion be more important than my family?  The answer is simple.  No one wants a mom, wife or friend who is frustrated, angry or has pent-up emotions. A bomb-waiting to go off.  Having that down-time allows me a breather.  I can release all those things for a short period of time and do something for 'me'.  It's not selfish at all.  It's like taking a mini-vacation.  It allows me to appreciate my family that much more.  When I'm refreshed, it reflects in those around me.

Again, as women, you owe it to yourself to find YOUR inner Passion.  Find the thing that will calm you, ignite, refresh you.  It's your happy place.

There are lots of resources for finding your passion online.  I believe the lectureres used something called "The Passion Test".  They were licensed of course, but I think the freebie test online will suffice for those who want to try it out.  Remember first and foremost, you MUST be honest with yourself.

I hope you guys enjoyed the images I've shared.  They're the reason for my post.  Amazing paper art creations.  You can find more of these jaw-dropping paper creations from various artist at this link:  Extraordinary examples of paper art.

I'm drawn to the samples which use the newsprint and books.  You gotta love recycled art.  I'm seriously thinking of trying my hand at the Brain Dettmer books.  He's my fav.

Now, I must get on with my Saturday.  I've a big list of things to do.  I's 75 degrees outside on this January day.  Time to get some sunshine.

Big thanks to Carol G. for sharing the link with me.



Karen W said...

Amazing, all of them!!!

Anonymous said...

Melanie - so true! While God, our families and friends are near and dear to us, that is not the same as having a passion for something. The creative outlet is so important for us. Thanks for sharing your post!