January 14, 2010

Hearts on a String

Well, I've been away, AGAIN.  Let me explain:

Christmas Eve I picked up my 5 yo son at 3am to reposition him in the bed because as a mother I didn't think he looked comfotable the way he was (hanging slightly off the bed).

As I proceeded to lift 50lbs of dead weight I heard a series of noises that sounded like bubble wrap popping and spaghetti breaking in half.  Woke up with a sore back, which progressed the following week to a "OMG I can't walk". 

After two weeks of severe pain I opted for back surgery, something I never thought I'd ever do; especially after only having back pain for two weeks.  The rule of thumb for back pain is: go on meds, get shots, if that doesn't work find some other meds and more shots.  Do this for at least several months

I'd like to state for the record, if any man asks you what child birth feels like....tell him "very similar to a ruputured a disc".  It is in fact, if not almost identical as contractions.  Only difference is, labor last for A day, this pain goes on FOREVER.

In the O.R. and out again I feel as good as new.   The only orders I have are to take it easy. 

Dat's da scoop.  Seems I should have mentioned it earlier and I wouldn't have members fleeing from the inspiration hot spot.  Sadly, sitting only intensified my pain, so I was spending limited time on the electronic beast myself.  

Time to get back on track.  Let's start with something fun.  If there's one thing about having to lay low, it's being able to knock out some of those paper crafting ideas I've been piling up.  Here's my latest.  I'll let you take a looksie at the images, leaving the supply list for last.


Look at those sorry brown dash-dots on the scallop edge.  To much coffee if ya ask me!


Wanna make one of these for yourself?  Here's what you need.  Before I list supplies, I want you to look at your rubberstamps and try to incorporate what you have.  I've combined several stamp sets to make this and that's simply because I had them on hand.  Don't feel that you need to purchase every item I've used here to create this.  Make it your own.  Use what you have on hand.  If you don't have the Hearts to Heart punch, then use paper hearts instead.  Learning how to substitute pieces to projects will only extend the use of products you have on hand (and you'll thank me for it later).

Supplies: (and this is rough draft only)
  • Petal Card Bigz (this is for the main card...THIS ya need)
  • Sending Love designer series paper (Occasions Mini)
  • Scalloped heart of hearts (Occasions Mini)
  • Small heart punch (Occasions Mini)
  • Heart to Heart punch
  • Boho punch
  • Scallop edge punch
  • buttons
  • Birds and Blooms sizzlit
  • Simply Said Stamp set
  • Best Wishes and More stamp set
  • Be  Mine stamp set
  • Scallop border punch (from SAB mini)
  • Paper piercer
  • Pink and Chocolate marker
  • Cotton string (it hangs more freely than linen and hemp).  I used DMC floss for the chocolat hearts.
  • Modern label punch
  • Large Heart punch
That's about the gist of it.  The first step is adhering your large Petal Card hearts together.  Cut off two of the flaps from the petal card and it makes the heart.  You'll need to cut four of these and make hearts from them.  Attach the right side of one heart to the left side of another heart, and continue until all four are connected.  Punch a hole in the top and that's were you'll add your string for hanging. 

Tie a knot between each embellishment you add to the top of the string; this will prevent the items from falling on top of each other; keeping them seperated.

Be creative when designing the inside of the four hearts.  Add more words, more hearts, whatever you like.  Use my images to help guide you.   Any questions, just email!

Stampin' Smiles.



Grace said...

Oh my... very cute! So glad you are back and feeling 100%!

Karen W said...

Very cute idea and I'm so glad you are ok, I can relate, have been down and out with the same thing, not had surgery yet but I'm glad yours went well.

Nikki Bond said...

WOW..these are fantastic! Fabulous idea! {SMILES}

Aimeslee said...

Mel, so glad to hear you are recovering nicely, I assume the pain is gone now? I have degenerative disc disease in my L$ and L% and they want to replace my left hip joint but I am just too chicken! I admire your courage. Hey, love the danglies. My fave is the LOVE and hearts one. And that overhead shot is great. I'm bookmarking this, just to look at again. So cool. :-)))

Teresa said...

So very cute! And believe me I know exactly how ya feel about the back, I had a ruptured disc too..it was the worst pain I've ever experienced. And you just can't explain how bad it is to anyone..surgery was a blessing! Glad yours went well! hugs,T