January 19, 2012

Taffy-colored Valentines

Aren't these colors yumm-o?  Looking for some alternative other than the typical Valentine color-schemes. 

If you're interested in doing making the Valentine box yourself, check back tomorrow for the tutorial I'm wrapping up. 

* Tutorial posted HERE *

This flower believe it or not was the most difficult.  I kept going back and forth with what shapes would compliment the box without over doing it. 

Always remember how important details are (RE: the dots around the inner Vanilla circle).  Sometimes it can be the finishing touch to pull it all together.

What Valentine isn't complete without a few sweets?

Here's a peek of what I did with the Soft Suede layer. 

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Scarlett Clay said...

This is lovely, so feminine and pretty, I really like these colors for Valentine's! :) I didn't see a place to email you on here? The music on my blog is called "Meg's Hair". Thanks for coming by to visit earlier!