November 1, 2009

Seasonal Smiley's and Gift Packages

Bad weather Saturday in the wee early hours shorted something in our computer. Nothing like a panic attack when you're up at 5am.

I rely heavily on the computer and the last thing I need is to have this baby go dead on me. It's not so much what was 'on' the computer (we have an external backup source), but the fact that I couldn't get online. Have you ever waken up wanting to check our your favorite sites and not be able to?

Luckily the husband figured out the source of the problem and headed to the computer store to get what we needed.

Now on to some crafting news! It's time for another "Seasonal Smileys" workshop. This year a Gift Packaging ideas will be included.

The basis of this workshop is to share ideas for creating small, inexpensive gift ideas. What could be better than a crafter being crafty during the season of giving? It's an extra special treat for everyone.

You can get a glimpse of a few projects in the collage below. There's a captured butterfly mini-ornament, and a personalized note card box using the Extreme Elements stamp set.

This years event will be held at Sweet Wishes. Contact me for more information.

Can't attend the local event? Don't fret. Sign up for the "online workshop" starting November 17th.

The online workshop cost is $27.00 and includes video for constructing all projects along with a PDF for supplies. Once registration is received, your personal invitation is sent to where you can view your classes.

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