February 10, 2011

The Folded Heart

I'm getting ready to share some paper origami hearts I created last weekend.  What I'm not going to share is the amount of time I spent on the internet looking for the 'how to's".  Really, time is valuable and if I weren't so anal to find the PERFECT instructions I would have been done in an hour (2 at the max).

The idea surfaced back during January when I took my daugther and her friend to get their nails done.  There a beautiful folded heart on the wall behind the register.  It was all I could do not to ask, "Do you mind taking that off your wall so I can see how it is made?".  It was this version but with white paper:

Two months later I decided to hunker down and find the pattern.  One thing led to the next and then began my obsessions of folding paper Valentines.  Here's another:

There are two different kinds shown above.  One has this expanding fold-out layer on top, the other is just a fold over, nothing fancy. There's something relaxing about making them.  You can cut 100's of sheets of paper in advance and just make hearts while waiting at the Dr.'s office, in carpool or for your chicken to cook (OK..maybe not that).

What you aren't seeing are the miniatures I created.  I've cut up strips of pink post-it notes at the office and created tiny hearts while waiting for programs to run.  I've even started creating hearts from the gold foil covering the Hersey nuggets at my desk.

The good thing about creating hearts is being able to use them all year round, not just for Valentine's Day.  That's what I'm saying to myself to justify the hours (DAY) I spent researching the BEST template evuh!

Want to try these for yourself, you can find directions here THREE WISDOMS.COM 

If you want to try the other kind, check out this link for ORIGAMI HEART. Of course, if you do a search for Origami heart you'll find LOTS of varieties, just try not to get hung up on those little beauties like I did.


Kim said...

Oh, these are so cool! Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to figure them out!

Kim Score said...

great idea! this will be on my inspiration post today. TFS

Anonymous said...

These are awesome!!! Thank you so much for sharing.


Tracy said...

Oh how funny! I saw this in a Somerset Studio magazine years and years ago. Made some and then lost that magazine. You are sooo lucky to find good instructions online! Your's turned out gorgeous, too! Great job Ü