February 20, 2011

Pennant & Jungle Box 'How-to'

For those who have asked, her's a quick how to for creating the pennant and the Jungle Treat box from the tour yesteday.  I think the photos are pretty self-explainatory but if you have any questions leave a comment and I'll address it in the post; this may help others who have the same question.

Now, for the jungle treat box.  I've shown the directions on one side of the cone but you'll repeat the steps on both the left and right cone; and you'll want to create TWO of these. 

First, measure down 2" and then another 1/2" along the left, middle and left side of the cone die.  Next, draw a horizontal line at the base of each of the 2" marks.  Draw another horizontal line along each of the 1/2" marks.  These cuts and scores will create the base folds of your box. 

Find the center point of the curve and create score lines as shown.

Cut along the bottom of the 1/2" mark, discarding everything below.  What you'll have is something similar to the image below.  Cut the sides of the 1/2" base on small 30" angles.  Repeat all the steps to create the second half of the box (you'll need two of these to make a box).

You can now run your peices through any embossing folder of your choice. 

Assemble the sides of the cone just as you would do normally (using tabs).  Fold up the bottom flaps.  Punch (2) - 1 1/2" squares, attachng one to the base of the box and another to the inside.  Apply glue to the top folded arches of the box, securing with a paper clip until dry.

They you have it! It's easier than it looks.  Just get through your first one and then rest will be a breeze. 

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nancystamps4u said...

Love it, Totally awesome! Thanks for another great idea.