February 7, 2011

Groovey Glasses

The boys found their grandpa's old eye glasses (before thinner lens were in style).  The youngest was the first see what they looked like.  After putting them on (and not being able to see clearly) he says, "These must be for 3D", LOL!!!  Silly boy.

Whatever was the reason for having the frames so big? 

Does anyone remember the age children out grow over-correcting chapped lips? 

The clutter on the floor is from the spouse going through his dad's old photos.

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Colleen Kramer said...

Too funny!
The overchapped lips...I fight this so bad with my fair skinned 9 year old, who loves to be outside. His gets soo bad soo quickly. We do not have a dermatologist in a 45 mile radius who will see patients under 14. Our best find, which works AMAZING is the lip balm and overnight cream made by Neosporin. We use the LT treatment for daily preventative and they have a tiny tub (think carmex) of intensive overnight cream. Using a kleenex we apply liberally to lips and surrounding skin. This seems to be the only thing we can use which really works. (I had to find it our local Kmart). Best of luck!