November 22, 2011

Metallic Mocha Scallop Box

I whipped this up in 30 minutes.  Yep!  I printed the base on Suede cardstock using the Scallop box template from Mirkwood designs.  Be sure to check out the link.  More than likely you've come across it in the past...just simply forgot it was out there.

For the top, I traced the base (that I cut out) onto the Metallic Mocha cardstock.  Added a little label, half of accordian scallop (made with the round scallop punch; scored to make peaks) and embossed the edges.  Tuck the gold waffle paper behind and WALLA! 

It's hard to see but if you zoom into one of the images you can catch a glimpse of the metallic-ness (add that to my spell check) of the paper. 

This quick box would make a great presentation for tucking in a Christmas (or better year, New Years) gift.

1 comment:

Nancy Seed said...

This is very elegant l looking and the box alone would be a gift. TFS