June 17, 2010

Golden Moleskine Page

Can you believe it's already Thursday?  The day is almost over and here I thought it was Tuesday, a sure sign that my mind is overly occupied.

I've been having fun playing in my moleskine journal lately, focusing on layers, textures and faces.  It's very easy to work on several pieces at one time.  Working on layers doesn't require to much concentration so I can keep and eye on the kids, opposed to having to draw detailed images.

Here are two of the partially completed pages I've done. This page started with layers of printed paper, paint.  There are several layers of paint although it's difficult to tell.  While it was still wet, I closed the book for 3 minutes or so and opened it, thus the white holes and torn paper in the middle.

After the paint dried I attached my face drawing.  She was sketched and colored while sitting out at the pool watching the kids swim.  It started with just a face, and when it came time to cut her out I included the white headdress.  I'm not even sure if you call it a headdress.  It's going to be red, or at least have red hearts on it.  

Here's a close-up of her eye.  Don't ask me what the deal is with those wide eyelashes.  I just let the pencil take control.

I'd like to take the time to remind you that the Tour de Freaks is coming this weekend.  The theme will be new products/stamps from the SU! catalog.  Hope to see you then.



Becca said...

Beautiful work, love your blog! I'll be back :-) Enjoy your day.

Sharon Field / Created By You said...

Wow, Wow, and Wow! again!! LOVE it!!