June 9, 2010

Simple Beauty

My head is over occupied lately.  Started a new job last week which requires focusing solely on 'office' work during the day.

Then there are the kids.  Now that I'm working again they won't be able to swim mid-day any longer or play at the park.  I want their memories of summer (as a kid) to be fun-filled.  We'll just have to adjust work on adjusting those fun-filled days on the weekends.

Lastly, my thoughts on are this BP oil spill.  Oil spills have been in the news before, but never so close to home.  The images of those brown pelicans were horrid.  Fisherman, whose livelihoods depend on the gulf.  Beaches and marshes filled oil.  It's heart-sickening.

Let's move on to something more light-hearted.  Ever since Memorial Day I've been sketching.  Sketching has become my sort of refuge when my mind is over-filled.  It's relaxing.  I've minimized supplies so I can take what is needed anywhere, whether it's the lake, doctors office or the back yard.  Just a moleskin, a few select Prisma pencils, erases and pencils.

Here's a simple sketch of a woman.  Not much color really.  I was going for simple beauty.  The image was drawn while referencing one of those black and white movie star photos, can't remember which actress though.

Her hair could use some work toward the back, but then again, it looks nice kind of whispy.   The darker hair at the top of her head, red lips and shadow of her neck balances out nicely. 

A close-up of her neck. 

Look at the time!  Time to hit the shower and head off to the office.  


Suz said...

you are so talented. amazing work

I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog during the OWH blog hop.

Diane said...

This is so beautiful!!