July 15, 2010

Stampers Sampler feature!

Woohoo, I've been published in the June/July 2010 issue of Stampers Sampler!!  The magazine has been out for a month and I'm just finding out.  Heres the issue cover:

My featured project:

The dress is being used as a template challenge for the month of December.  You can view additional detaiils of the dress HERE.  It was originally a Tour de Freaks project.  You can also find the template at the same link. 

This was only my second submission to a publication, so I'm really excited!  Thanks Stampington, and thanks Allie at Croppinsville for letting me know. 


Lillian Child said...

WOW - congrats!!! You would think that the magazine company would have sent you a copy since they used your art. I love all of the Stampington publications, especially Take Ten! Your dress creation is JUST LOVELY!! And what a buzz to get published - so happy for you!

Michelle said...

Congratulations on getting published!! The dress is stunning.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations - what a great project - is this a card and how did you connect the 2 pieces together. I just love it. Also, what are the dimentions of the dress?

PocketsOfInspiration said...

The dress can be used as a card, but if you want it in a standard envy you need to shrink the template (link included in the post). If you save the image to your computer you can print it out at a reduced scale. The pattern is very simply, you'll do just as well tracing somethin simlar on cardstock and cutting it out.

The back of the dress is attached at the waist behind the sash. Just score 1/8" or so and apply your adhesive to that fold.

Have fun!

Jackie L Watson said...

A big Congrats on being in Stampers sampler. I love new fines.