July 19, 2010

Tour de Freaks ~ Summertime!

Ready for another  Tour de Freaks blog hop?  The theme this month is "In The Good Ole Summertime'.   If you've been touring already then you've probably just come from viewing Jen Smiths beautiful creations.

I snapped this photo a week ago at my 6 year olds baseball game. Sometimes the images of all the gear and garb are just as memorable as snapping your kiddo running to first base. 

Ms. Wendy Weixler 's beautiful digital layouts inspired me to get more use from my own copy of My Digital Studio.  The real perk to it all was doing it in less than 30 minutes.

In case you're wondering, my kiddo is sporting the cleats on the far left.

What else is so prominent during summer than BUGS!   I've spent quite a few summer nights catching junebugs with my boys to feed our chickens.  I TRIED to pick them up and put them in the bug box, but as soon as their legs moved they were hurled across the yard.  I think the only thing worse was shaking the neighbors iris reeds to make the junebugs fly out, only to realize that the soft branch I was squeezing was actually a lizard!

Bugs are beneficial, but just the same I'd rathe keep them at a distance (from myself).  So, here I've created a faux bug jar with paper butterflies.  I've made it real GIRLY by adding chunky glitter to the real twig and base of the jar.  Hopefully this will keep the real bugs at bay, LOL!

Here's a view from the backside.  Love that glitter on the twig.  The pink and white butterfly has wired wrapped around it's throax, allowing it to poke through the tissue and foam and stand up a bit more erect.

Speaking of Ms. Wendy Weixlers, she's next on the tour.  I can't wait to see what she's drummed up this month.  Thanks for checking out my art this month!


Lisa Martz said...

The MDS page is GREAT! Why don't I think of taking pictures like that? The butterfly jar is so adorable! Great job!

Cindy Major said...

You always have the neatest projects!! That scrapbook page is awsome and I love, love the picture! The butterfly container is another very neat and clever idea!! Thanks for sharing :D


KilkennyVFX said...

I love your baseball pic and layout! What a creative photo. And, I have a 6 year old boy too, so I totally appreciate the girly bug jar!!! That makes a precious outdoor table centerpiece.

Wendy J. said...

These are both great "summertime" projects! Love the scrap page...I can relate! Very cute taking the pict of just the feet. The experience and the bug jar is great too! Thanks for sharing with us, Melanie!