July 5, 2010

Fairwell Independence Day

Sorry for the long away time.  I've been juggling several things at one time (as most women do).  It's time to regroup reogranize and reprioritize the things in my life.  My biggest problem, I want to do EVERYTHING. 

Here's a late post of a project I created for Paper Cubed.  The theme was to create a 4th of July table top decoration.   My project was designed to be used as a place card holder for your party guest.  Sadly there was no party at the homestead this year as the family was away on vacation.

I so LOVE a patriotic theme.  This particular holiday grows dearer to me each year.  I think it's largely due to the fact I loved the old time community Independence Day celebrations.  Red, White and Blue decorations, hotdogs, watermelon, singing quartets who wore red and white jackets with those flat white hats.  Everyone always seems so happy.

The blue and white star in the middle is actually fabric as well as the white stars on red fabric around the bucket.  I purchased several yards of 'themed' fabric a month ago to create an Patriotic theme book.  Another project snuffed because of other commitments.  The book will eventually get completed and probably sumbitted to a publication, along with several other projects I've been waiting to get started on.  Thus my reason for 'reprioritizing'. 

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and enjoyed your holiday.  If you were lucky enough to have off today, then you've only got 4 days left till the weekend.  Woot!!


Michelle said...

These look fabulous!!

Kim Score said...

great project! love the use of textures and dimension.

Charlene said...

Great project, Melanie! I love that you used fabric on your stars.