August 1, 2009

Butterfly Trio

I've taken the from my day to create projects that aren't 'business' related. It's nice being able to create freely, without worrying about copyright marks and such. Sometimes following 'rules' can inhibit your creative spirit :-)

Today I created an ATC for a ATC Butterfly lottery. The butterfly images were actually book plates I found at Anthropology in the clearance section. Ever buy something because it speaks to you? Well, these beautiful images did just that. I knew they'd eventually wind up in my art, just didn't know how.

Here's what the original book plate looked like before cutting out the center image.

Here I'm using the Twinkling H2O's I purchased, let's say, over four years ago and used them once since I had them. I've simply chosen a color that would compliment and highlight the wings of the butterfly and applied the H2O's with my paintbrush. It's a 'bright' brush; very, very short bristles for painting detials.

The little gold medallion has a 'b' on it. I purchased these over 4 years ago as well. Once again, knowing I'd use them in art. The pack only cost $1, clearance ya know.

Take a look at the very base of the card. The green marble looking colors is an old polished stone technique. I took 3 color coordinating reinkers, wet a cotton ball with alcohol and then dabbed the ATC card with it.

You should know, the ATC card is an 'official' ATC card base; meaning it has a plastic coating on it. I purchased them from an official ATC supplier. Guess what? I purchased them YEARS AGO, LOL! See a pattern here?

Don't say it. I know many of you do the same. As all artist know, it is best to get what you want when you want, then you'll have it on hand when you decide to actually use it. It's similar to looking at old photographs in the attic ever so often. You see them and it brings back memories of the past. When you see supplies you purchased eons ago, the memories resurface of what you purchased them for an reignites your desire to use them. Well, that's how it works for me.

Once the polished stone on the base card was dried I used my old French Script background set (SU!) and gold embossed the text. The card was then trimmed on all sides by a sliver to allow layering on top of black cardstock.

ATC cards measure 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" (if memory serves me correctly). If that is not the correct size and you are the recipient who gets this ATC card, please ignore the measurements listed above. It's close enough.

To finish up the piece, hang the small metal circle by wire, addd ribbon and a little antique sponging.

If you've never tried ATC's I encourage you to do so. Lots of artist collect them now a days. Each one is signed and numbered individually, just like a real work of art. Mini masterpieces if you ask me.

You can store your ATC's in those old baseball card sleeves (in fact, they are the same size of a baseball card). If you'd rather not collect them, then consider using them as accents for your greeting cards or scrapbook pages.

Have a great weekend.



Ankhs said...

Beautiful work!

Diane O. said...

I'm the owner from the swap. This is beyond beautiful. The photography (although great) just doesn't do it justice. It is stunning in person with the layers and dimension...a true work of art. Thanks so much!!!