August 25, 2009

From Dollar to Dynamic

Final editing of my first online workshop series "From Dollar to Dynamic" is complete. This series shows how to take a mundane item and alter it into something extraordinary.

Why an online series? What could be better than gathering your supplies and sitting in the comfort of your own home to create your very own art; much less with items that cost not more than A DOLLAR (so you don't feel so bad if you mess it up).

Look, the cost of a mixed media class like this would cost a minimum of $30 at a local craft/art store. Here you've got a video to use for future reference, TWO projects and the opportunity to create when it suits your schedule, not the store schedule. I find that especially appealing as a mom; most of my projects are done in the wee hours of the night.

Below is a sneak peek of what the workshop entails. Early bird registration of $25.00 by September 5Th; after which the workshop fee becomes $35.00

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