August 30, 2009

The eyes have it

Took a much needed break last night to catch up on my drawing and did these pencil sketches.

This came out SOOO cool!! The eye looks almost ALIVE huh? The family didn't seem as excited in my accomplishment as I did.

Try it for yourself. The idea came from an online tutorial. I can't remember what the original site was but here is one that is very similar. EYE TUTORIAL.

Here was my second sketch. Just playing really. The right eye is to dark and the lips...well, her lower lip looks like she was in a brawl.

Overall I think it looks O.K. I added color to it shortly after which didn't help any. I'll spare you on that visual.

Now. Off to finalize the DaRubbaBlock DT sampler. The girls are waiting for it. Some GREAT artwork in this issue. Release date is September 1st.



1 comment:

Jackie said...

Your eye is fabulous and thanks for the tutorial:)