August 13, 2009

Free Vintage Ephemera

How many of you took Gregg shorthand while in school? I had the privilege (yes....privilege) while I was in high school yet never did put it to use. I think for the most part those mini recorders became more popular and then there wasn't much need for a stenographer (I believe that's what they were called).

I found this shorthand ephemera download on Stampington today. I would have never know if I didn't subscribe to their Postscript newsletter. It's always full of great ideas and surprises.

You can find more free downloads of this Vintage Ephemera HERE. Not sure I like using the word Vintage and annoncing I took this in High School; because I am far from Vintage. Does anyone know what it's says? I'm going to print it out and write down my GUESS (gotta make it well known that I am only GUESSING).

Sometimes when I head up to the attic to dig for things, I come across my old Gregg book. It makes the trip down the attic stairs with my other finds. Soon I'm off looking for a pen and paper to start my feeble attempts at writing shorthand again. Usually after an hour I throw in the towel. I was never 'that' good at it. I think after the 3rd semester I was lost. Still it's fun to reminisce.

You know, this is really an old writing art form. There aren't many that still know how to do it and I don't believe they teach it in the school any more. Kind of like Calligraphy. Maybe I can generate some new interest and get things rolling again.

In other news. Soon I will be offering online workshops for those who can not attend my events locally. There is so much to share, and what better way than to make it available online.

My first series will be "From Dollar to Dynamic". This particular workshop will show you how to create some holiday mixed media art. All the projects I've created so far have come out better than expected.

Currently I'm in the midst of video editing. It won't be long. The techniques used during the workshop will be something you can use again and again.

In the next few days I'll have a little intro video to share, giving you an idea of what it's all about. Until then, here's a little sneak peek of the "Halloween" piece I've created.

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