August 27, 2009

A Simple Gesture

A little thing-a-ma-Bobbie I stitched together for someone.....

The textured note card pops inside...with a little "Thank You" note inside.

The idea came after receiving something from Anthropologie last week. A discount card from Anthropologie tucked inside a small linen pouch. They sent it in lieu of my upcoming birthday (September 4th...mark your calendars, LOL).

Here's what their pouch looked like:

Last week was a rough. Ever have one of those days where your list of things to do has items from the previous week on it? The computer is slow. the computer crashes, you're redoing chores that you did not even 30 minutes prior. Then there is peer pressure. Geesh! I thought that was all over with in High School.

The point is, there are days when things are just out of whack. Then something arrives in the mail like this and brightens your day. I know Anthro is a huge store and it was probably made in some sweat shop..who knows. It's the thought that counts. They sent it to me...and it made me happy.

Not an hour later than I opened that envelope did I start pulling it apart the pouch to figure out it's construction. I needed to make one myself. How cute are those threads wrapped around that little board..and those buttons! Cute, Cute, Cute!

Here was my first attempt:

The red embroidery thread was added after the machine sewn stitch across the bottom didn't sew straight (on a scale of 1 - 10 my sewing skills are a -1). Once the red stitches were added I took out the machine sewn thread.

The butterfly up top was a bit easier (the second always is). I've been playing with wire lately and decided to add a little string across the front. The blue beads were confiscated from my daugther's room after sitting in her draw for 2 years (one of the many traits she gets from me).

Who would have thought that such a simple gesture could make such an impact. Now, off to make a few more of these lovlies, maybe something for Fall.

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rozie640 said...

Those are ADORABLE! Oh my gosh, if I still had my sewing machine I would give that a try. Your butterfly is awesome, I'm glad you snagged those beads! Glad you turned your day around from something frustrating to something creative!