November 16, 2009

Butterfly Girl

What an exciting weekend!  Saturday was an all day vendor event at the Market (I started from 6:30am and finished up at 6:00pm).  Seemed like there was much more room this year than last.  It was a long day though and I was ready to head home.

We had one exciting Sunday.  After heading home from church we saw a deer jumping the fence near the field on the way home.   We live in well developed subdivision, lots of houses, so you NEVER see something like deer.  Luckily I had my video camera in the car (take it almost everywhere).  We didn't get to close, I was scared it would hit the car.

Moving on to the art world.  I've been busy creating some more mixed media, collage art.  Here's my latest.

The background canvas was prepared a month ago.  Last week I finally decided to add something to it and walla!  It could possibly use words but I thought it might take away from the image. 

I'm off to start the day, lots of errands and cleaning.  You know how Mondays are. 

Don't forget, this Friday Tour de Freaks will be up and running.  Make sure you stop by and take a peek at all our lovlies.  This month we're working on stocking stuffers, gift items and alter art.  All my favorites!

Have a great day everyone.