November 6, 2009

Jumbo Paper Clip Tutorial

Well, I'm a couple of hours late with the tutorial but that's because I accidentally deleted it yesterday. That was probably due to to much Sudafed.

Before I post it, I'm curious if anyone who received my post yesterday had text going through photo?  Everything looked hunky dorie on the preview, but not when it arrived to my inbox.

So, here's your tutorial.  I'm making these for an upcoming Holiday Shopping event I participate in next week.  I made them last year (slightly different design) and they were a hit!  This tutorial is included in my "Seaonal Smiley and Gift Packages" online workshop that begins the 17th of this month.  Enjoy!

Jumbo Paper Clips from Melanie Schulenberg on Vimeo.
This is a great Smiley project, especially for teens. All you need is paper, jumbo paper clips (office supply) and stamps.

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