November 26, 2009

Thanks and the day after

Well, it's Turkey day, 8am and the spouse tells me the turkey will be ready in an hour.  We have the option of eating turkey 9:30am this morning or let it sit a while and eat slightly warm at 11am.

My intutition tells me the bird isn't nearly done.  The spouse is mearly going on a visual exclaming; "the bird is brown on the outside; it's almost done".  Guess I'll have to intervene and check for myself after this post.

Thought I'd share what my focus has been on the past two days.  The attic has been emptied entirely of it's Christmas contents.  This is what the living room looked like two days ago:

What you can't see are the additional boxes in the foyer near the front door.  I've been working steadily trying to get the house-set up (boxes everywhere just screams danger when you have a 5 yo who likes to jump).

This is the first year I've ever set-up BEFORE Thanksgiving.  I'm thinking ahead.  We're empting the ENTIRE attic and getting rid of "stuff", so setting up early for the Christmas holiday is a must do.  By the end of today I'll have the place looking like Christmas (or as close to it as I can). 

Have a blessed and grateful Thanksgiving.


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