January 1, 2008

The Resolution....AGAIN!

For those who subscribe to this blog...sorry for the re post. It was published before I had time to complete the text. What happened was, I asked DD to upload the images so I could get lunch started and she decided to publish before I could explain the images. Oh well. Here goes again!

First off....Happy New Year to everyone! I'm sure there are many of you making (or have made) your list of resolutions. I haven't yet and you can bet that exercise and dieting will NOT be on it like the rest of the US, LOL! I see no reason to set myself up for something that I simply can not follow through on...especially with my busy schedule.

Now, that I've thought, there are two resolutions I'd like to work on and that's better organization and to get some scrapbooks of my kids done. Like you, I have 100's of photos (thanks to the ever-so forgiving digital camera). I spent well over an hour cleaning images from the photo files of my hard drive and came across a few, well, memorable images. Below are a few, along with a couple of extras.

Most of these photos are of my 3rd (and last) child. I do not remember my two eldest (11 & 7) doing THIS much damage.

Here are a few of the fireworks I was able to take photos of, until one of the neighbors complained (at ONLY 10:30pm).

Next, a card I made for a swap. Gotta post at least one card! All products and images are copyright of Stampin' Up!, despite my lack of putting the copyright symbol.

Here is Chalk Boy. He's taken the liberty of fully coloring himself with the jumbo chalk I purchased.

Ever wonder what chalk taste like?

Well, he did!

Here is a VERY RARE photo of a man wrapping 'a' gift. *** insert grumbling sounds of annoyance here ** He HATES to wrap...anything! Thank goodness for gift bags!

Ever wonder what dog food taste like? He did. Here he is examining his morsels. YUCK!

When all is quite........BEWARE! One of the downfalls of moms trying to multi-task. There was no harm done here really, just me having to deal with cleaning him off; but at least he had fun!

This was TEDDY BEAR day when my son was in Kindergarten (last year). Do you see something odd in this photo? All the boys cluster together as a helpless teddy bear gets hung by a rope while one girls flees with her pink teddy.

OK, now back to cooking lunch for New Years. Have a great day!


Heather Huggins said...

I pretty sure I don't want to know what chaulk tastes like!! I did file back ups yesterday too. Happy New Year!

Sandy said...

Oh wow what a fantastic Card and lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.

Happy New Year for you and yours.

Sister Sandy

Maren said...

Great swap card! Love it! Those chalk pictures are amazing! Can't wait to see how you scrap those!! :-)

April Hall said...

Wishing you a happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful card and what really cute photos! ehehe!! TFS them!! Hope you had a great New Year!! ;)

~Denise Lynn~ said...

Great photos, thanks for sharing! Love your card. I don't have that stamp set, but I like it!

Just me said...

Your pictures are great! You have a real gift for photographs. I am so impressed. The chalk pictures are totally cute and the fireworks are great! I love the card too.

Erin... said...

Love the pics(those will make a great scrapbook!!) and the swap card is super!!

Lynn said...

Happy new Year! Great photos!!! One of my resolutions is to do more scrapbooking. I've gotten so far behind!

Lauren (mytime) said...

Happy New year! WOW those photos are great!!!!

Heather said...

Those photos are too precious. And now I've never wondered what dog food or chalk tastes like.

Unknown said...

Your chalk boy is adorable! I have one like that here too ..... Happy New Year SBS3 Sister! Lol x