March 30, 2011

Paper Calla Lily tutorial

I whipped this little video tutorial up to share the how-to's of creating a small calla lily. There are 100's of ways to do it, this is my way.

Before you take a peeksie, if you'd like a BIGGER lily, try using a large heart punch.  It works just as well.  Here's what I embellished my lily's with:

Here's the video.

March 26, 2011

Paper Watering Can Video Tutorial

Well, here's the video turoial I promised to create of the Paper Watering Can posted earlier.  Use this as a guide for creating the basis of the can

If you'd like to adjust the height of the can, simply use a circle punch to create a higher hole before attaching your spout base.  You can cover the gap beneath the spout and the base of the can with the strips that are included on the Basket and Blooms die. 

I hope this idea encourages the additional use of your Baskets and Blooms die.

March 21, 2011

Sunny Blossoms Watering Can

Looking for something to brighten your drab gray office walls?  Something bright and cheery to serve as a reminder that you'd rather be home creating??

How about this:

Tucked a little floral foam underneath to support my bright blossoms.  Gotta love your styrofoam.

....and, I have a tutorial to show everyone how to do it.  Give me some time to compile the's a doozey!  I've got lots, and lots and LOTS of editing to do.  I'll do my best to have it up by Thursday. 

March 15, 2011

Shabby Rose Video Tutorial

Here's the video tutorial for creating the Shabby Roses from yesterday's post.

March 14, 2011

Shabby Rose Wood Cart

Ms. Heather Klump designed the most ADORABLE wooden cart for the February issue of the Paper Crafters Sampler.  

The sampler has been out for a month now and I'm just getting around to playing with it.  While Heather's cart was designed with an Easter theme, it has multiple uses.  Here I've stuffed it with some shabby paper roses. 

I'll have a rose tutorial soon.  They're not difficult to make, in fact, it's the same technique for creating ribbon roses.  Enough jibber-jabber, here's my Shabby Rose wood cart.

Of course, you can simply use it as a candy cart. 

March 11, 2011

Easter Wishes Up Close....

Requests for a closer look of what's in the February issue "Easter Wishes" has been granted.  As a reminder, the design team puts previews of their project contributions on their personal blogs.  Keep an eye out before the newest issues are released and you can get a sneak peek of what's in store.

There's been a great response to the Easter Cross Box, but don't forget that there are EIGHT additional projects in the sampler designed especially for Easter.  There's still time if you haven't gotten your issue yet.  Here's a closer look at what you can find inside:

March 7, 2011

Sally's Red Dress published

Remember those Valentine cards I submitted a while back (and shared twice)?  Well, Stampington sent me a free Take Ten issue for the upcoming Spring Issue.  Sally and her red dress made the cut.  Check out the upcoming issue HERE.

March 6, 2011

Paper Ikebana

Are you familiar with Ikebana?  It's the art of Japanese flowering arranging.  To me, it is a simplistic form of arranging flowers using the minimalist of supplies.  It's an artform which can make a plain white wall the focal point of the room.  Here's a sample:

Here I've tried a 2D Ikebana arrangment on the Cross Box template.   The concept is for a more modern wedding favor.  What do you think? 

Here's a close-up. 

Aren't these flowers darling?  They're super easy to make.  I've snapped a few photos for you to see how I've created them.

Start out with a flower punch, like the old reliable boho punch.

Punch several of the smallest flowers in white cardstock.  Using a foam mat, push down on the center of the flower using a pencil eraser.

This next step is optional.  To cup the flower more, use a Q-tip and form the edges around the soft tip.  The circumfernce of the Q-tip is smaller than the eraser so it allows you to give the flower more shape.

Lastly, sponge some pink ink on the inner petals.  My sample uses a very subtle soft pink, I was going for a softer look.

Last step is to simply attach them to your Cross Box.  The seed beads were added with some old realiable white glue.  Give it a try and be sure to send the link so I can check out your sample.

March 3, 2011

The Tissue Collector

It's been a whilte since we've seen Shakespeare, the squirrel that we rescued and nursed.  She spent most of her days outside, roaming during the day and sleeping in her tree nest at night.  Whenever she peeked in the back door (being made of glass), I'd take the oppurtunity to play with her.

This particular day, I propped the door open and let her play inside while the kids were watching TV.  She made her way over to the end table and found the box of tissue.  The video below is her reaction.

Her pattern was to grab some tissue and then run outside to the Kayak and stuff it inside the front (in the storage department). She was building a nest inside the Kayak, which was apparent when I took of the storage department cover.

March 2, 2011

Paper Crafters Sampler Library

Thanks to everyone who left comments on the Christening Box  using the Cross Box template.
There were quite a few visitors who made their way to the main Paper Crafters Sampler site  to check out the Cross Boxes made by the design team.  Somewhere in the midst of viewing, they came across the "2010 Easter Wishes" Easter Bonnet, which in turn lead to inquiries about the Easter bonnet template.

With so many inquires, I spent the greater part of the week setting up the "Paper Crafters Sampler Library".  In it you'll find individual issues of the 2010 samplers available for purchase, and all are instant downloads, which simply means they are downloaded straight to your computer.

For all those who have inquired about the Easter Bonnet, you can find it in the 2010 February Easter Wishes issue, along with the miniature birdhouse template provided by Cherie Franklin.

To view what's included in each of last year's samplers, simply select the image on the Paper Crafters Sampler Library site.