March 28, 2008

Carousel Notes Purse

Recently a fellow demo (Jan Tinklenberg) created a project with the SU! Carousel Notes (which are large 6" scalloped notecards and 6x6 chocolate envelopes). I've changed a few things here there, added my own stamp set and Walla!

Wouldn't this make a great one-af-a-kind Mother's Day gift or a special gift for someone? I'll be offering this special class at my home in just two weeks! Each workshop guest receives one full pack of Carousel Notes and Afternoon Tea designer paper. If you'd like more details and aa few more 'sneak peeks' of this great project, just send me an email

Can't make my class, order this project via mail and receive the step-by-step tutorial.

March 25, 2008

Decorative Cans

Here's something I have been working on. These were once canned foods. The top of the can was opened with one of those 'safe' can openers that allow for smooth edges around the open edge.

Other supplies included a Crop-o-dile, jumbo eyelets and designer paper. You should try these yourself. It's a great way of recycling. Hopefully the images I took while working on the cans will help.

Here are three cans I completed. Two use the Ginger Blossoms designer paper and the other Le Jardin.

Here's a close-up of the flowers cut from the Ginger Blossoms double-sided designer paper.

Those who purchased my "Le Bon Oeuf" kit will recognize the stamp set used here. The outside of the can is covered with a vanilla strip of cardstock stamped with olive and artichoke inks.

The tissue stuffing the can was also stamped to match the outside, so it all coordinates.

Now, how did I get those holes? Simple. First start out by punching a hole with the hole punch on your Crop-o-dile. Remember, there is a screw and slide measure located below the punch so you can decide how deep you want to make your hole from the edge of the can. Simply unscrew, slide to your desired depth and then tighten.

Here's what the hole looks like from the inside. The image on the left already has an eyelet in place.

Push your jumbo eyelet in place.

Adjust your 4-way dials on your Crop-o-dile and seal your eyelet. The directions for sealing on are the packaging for the Crop-o-dile.

Here's the eyelet in place with a ribbon running through.

March 21, 2008

Basic Floral Arrangment

I spent some time creating this floral arrangment today. There are a least a half-dozen things on my "To-Do" list, and this was NOT one of them. Still, it was fun to make.

I delivered some orders today but not before stopping at HobbyLobby. I had to buy some embrodiery hoops for my next project. There was a sale 50% off sale on all the floral bunches (imagine that....a sale at HobbyLobby). I have been meaning to create another floral arrangment for the urn in our bathroom. During Christmas I made a velvet poinsettia topiary (of sorts). The urn has been sitting empty since then, so, I decided today was the day to fill it.

Here is what I started with. There's the Urn (another HobbyLobby purchase years ago), the garden foam and the flowers. The flowers of course came in a bunch, I simply used wire cutters to seperate them.

Aren't the colors wonderful! Beautiful chartreuse and rich nectar pinks. I knew when I saw this particular flower bunch is was the one I needed.

Here are the cuttings lined up according to color and size.

Here is the final composition. What do you think? It seems kind of crowded because of the angle but it really isn't. I love that big green flower at the bottom.

Here is another bunch I purchased, only because the flowers were so heavenly. You know, so many crafers seek the vintage millinery flower silk flowers have come such a long way...I think they're just as beautiful as the softness and beauty as the vintage flower.

Look at the green sprays coming out of this. The leaves have various shades of greens and textures to make it all look more natural.

Look at the colors in this! Me thinkeths this particular batch will be used to cheer up the grey walls at the office.

This my dear friends, is my Spring Door Wreath. I purchased the "Spray" for $.25 at a garage sale and the grapevine wreath was purchased several years ago for $2 in a clearance tub at HobbyLobby (where it was discarded to the attic until now). I just wired the spray around the wreath. I had intentions of adding birds and such...but, Spring will be here for a while so I have time to finish it. Not to's on my "list".

March 20, 2008

Preparing for Easter

Just a few more days until Easter. Last week the kids colored Easter Eggs. I love the bright hues that come in the standard Egg Dying kits.

I think this pink is my favorite!

.....and here are the final results. I really like the shadows and sun on this batch.

and a close-up...

Wouldn't it be great to see color like this in your garden everyday?

March 17, 2008

The Luck of the Irish

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone.

Yesterday the boys decided to sit down in a bunch of clovers in the backyard

and not 2 minutes later, our oldest son pulled out a Four Leaf Clover!

What luck!

March 9, 2008

The Essence of hand-made....Love

SORRY guys! I know those who subscribe to the blog are probably wondering what IS she doing? I'm trying to tweak a few things on the blog. The Preview button has decided instead of letting me PREVIE that it prefers to PUBLISH the text before I've finished.

Here are some hand-stamped cards and envelopes going to a few friends. One of the things I like most about creating artwork with rubberstamps is being able to corrdinate the images on the card with the envelope. You CAN'T forget to stamp the envelope. Think of the joy you spread to all those who's hands your artwork passes through as it goes travels on it's destintation.

Don't forget your 'postage stamp'. I ordered these Chinese New Year stamps online at USPS. I much prefer ordering postage online (really, anything for that matter) as it saves me gas and havnig to get out of my slippers, LOL!

I've put together a special Essence of Love Card Kit. The cost is $46. Each kit comes with additional ideas for using your stamp set.

March 6, 2008

Easter Cosmo Glitter Eggs

I took the day off to get some 'things' done, namely work on my own projects. After running several unplanned errands, I finally sat down around noon to work.

My goal was to work on some "Easter" projects. I was distracted several times but I feel great that I did accomplish at least this. These are styrofoam eggs I purchased from Hobby Lobby. Added a little glue and my Stampin' Up! Cosmo Glitter and WALLA! You would not believe how easy this was. Let me show you what I did.

First, here are all the colors I used. The only one in the Cosmo Glitter pack you don't see is the pomegranate. I used this candleholder just for the photo. I am in serious needs of some new props! Of the 1000's of things I have, I couldn't find one small white bowl to gather these eggs in. Regardless, I did get some other good shots.

Here's one of my DUO eggs. Kind of neat huh?

This blue is the most AMAZING color. In the container it just looked, blue. It is such a soft color, reminds me of a fairy color.

I found this wire tree at the Dollar Store. I can find a use for almost anything. Originally I wanted to hand these eggs from the tree with a ribbon...but why when the wire holds them in there just fine.

Here's the base of the tree. Designer Paper is Le Jardin and an artichoke colored ribbon around it.

Don't you LOVE this?!! This is an old spice jar. I stuffed those eggs in there and used a rub-on from the "Easter Elegance" rub-on pack from SU! Covered the rim of the lid with "Spring Silhouettes" designer paper. The flower on top is from the 5-petal punch using Olive and textured Soft Sky desinger paper.

Here's the top of the lid. Didn't it come out CA-UTE!

March 3, 2008

Rise and Shine!

Look at me!!! Two post not even 24 hours apart. I blame these random burst of energies on Spring. It's ga-orgeous outside (I can tell, even at 5:30am).

I created the pastel eggs using the Boho punch and Le Jardin designer paper from the "Le Bon Oeuf" Easter Kit I put together (which are still available). The center of the egg uses the Rich Regal colored brads and glue dots are used to hold them in place on the styrofoam egg. There's a skewer in the base of this egg as I intend to use it for an "Easter Bouquet".

The green egg uses the same punch AND the "There For You" punch. The flowers are held in place with straight pins.


March 2, 2008

Sunday fun!

It's BEAUTIFUL outside! It was beautiful yesterday also, and I spent time in gardening when I should have been doing something else (things on my 'to do' list). Nothing is better after a day of working in the garden than to have your husband grill burgers and sit outside and enjoy them with the kids. The ending of a great day.

Today I have been busy making muffins. I came across an image of some spring muffin picks a week ago and wanted to make some myself. I thought, what a great use for my stamp set "The Goode Egg". All those who purchased my "Le Bon Oeuf" Easter Kit will be able to make these cute little picks as well using their stamp set and the designer paper that came with it. Kits are still available....get them before Easter so you can make these cuties also!

I started out with 24 mini muffins and 9 large muffins. Before I had to chance to frost them the kids and husband snatched almost half of them. Luckily I had enough left to use the picks I designed.
The large muffins were filled with pineapple, something I had left over from a birthday cake. The coral bead on top of the flower pick came off of a strand of beads I recycled (no...they are NOT from Mardi Gras, LOL). These were so easy, AND fun! I hope it inspires you to create your own.