August 31, 2009

Rubba's Gotta Go ~ batch 2

Clearing out some of my much loved rubberstamps. Some of these I have used so much, I'm debating whether I really want to sell them.

Sample images below of what's avialable. You can view all that is available HERE and HERE. Prority shipping. Any cards shown in the photos with a stamp set are mailed with the set (so you'll have a few extra ideas).

Interested in purchasing, contact me.

August 30, 2009

The eyes have it

Took a much needed break last night to catch up on my drawing and did these pencil sketches.

This came out SOOO cool!! The eye looks almost ALIVE huh? The family didn't seem as excited in my accomplishment as I did.

Try it for yourself. The idea came from an online tutorial. I can't remember what the original site was but here is one that is very similar. EYE TUTORIAL.

Here was my second sketch. Just playing really. The right eye is to dark and the lips...well, her lower lip looks like she was in a brawl.

Overall I think it looks O.K. I added color to it shortly after which didn't help any. I'll spare you on that visual.

Now. Off to finalize the DaRubbaBlock DT sampler. The girls are waiting for it. Some GREAT artwork in this issue. Release date is September 1st.



August 28, 2009

Tart n Tangy Treats

Today I spent the day taking a beading class. Interesting, but not really what I had envisioned. The pieces were simple (selection choices were few), still, it was enjoyable learning. What I really wanted to learn was how to wrap wire through beads and create connections. Anyone know of a good online class demonstrating that, let me know.

Before I headed out to the bead store, I threw together this little diddy. Stampin' Up! has some new plastic treat cups that will be available next month. These containers will be HOT and I expect them to have back orders within two weeks. These treat cups are what inspired me to create THIS Halloween card earlier in the month.

This particular sample uses apple flavored jelly bellies, the Friendship Wings stamp set (for the text on the plastic cup and background images and the Tart and Tangy stamp set.

Now that I'm looking at it, I'm wondering why I didn't use the darn Apple that came in that set, LOL! Maybe I was in the mood to cut out those little strawberry toppers?

If you're planning on getting these little treat cup (which I might add have self-adhesive backs) and want to stuff them with candy, stick with the jelly beans or any 'non-chocolate' product. You wouldn't want them melting in the mail.

Below is a Cicada I found on walking the other morning (well, the Cicada wasn't walking...I was); so I stopped to pick it up. I'm going to use the wings in an art project. Yeah, that means I need to remove them from the bug. Kind of gross, but the bug is overly dry so it's won't be to difficult getting them off. Sometimes, having the 'real' thing in art projects is better than the fake stuff.

August 27, 2009

A Simple Gesture

A little thing-a-ma-Bobbie I stitched together for someone.....

The textured note card pops inside...with a little "Thank You" note inside.

The idea came after receiving something from Anthropologie last week. A discount card from Anthropologie tucked inside a small linen pouch. They sent it in lieu of my upcoming birthday (September 4th...mark your calendars, LOL).

Here's what their pouch looked like:

Last week was a rough. Ever have one of those days where your list of things to do has items from the previous week on it? The computer is slow. the computer crashes, you're redoing chores that you did not even 30 minutes prior. Then there is peer pressure. Geesh! I thought that was all over with in High School.

The point is, there are days when things are just out of whack. Then something arrives in the mail like this and brightens your day. I know Anthro is a huge store and it was probably made in some sweat shop..who knows. It's the thought that counts. They sent it to me...and it made me happy.

Not an hour later than I opened that envelope did I start pulling it apart the pouch to figure out it's construction. I needed to make one myself. How cute are those threads wrapped around that little board..and those buttons! Cute, Cute, Cute!

Here was my first attempt:

The red embroidery thread was added after the machine sewn stitch across the bottom didn't sew straight (on a scale of 1 - 10 my sewing skills are a -1). Once the red stitches were added I took out the machine sewn thread.

The butterfly up top was a bit easier (the second always is). I've been playing with wire lately and decided to add a little string across the front. The blue beads were confiscated from my daugther's room after sitting in her draw for 2 years (one of the many traits she gets from me).

Who would have thought that such a simple gesture could make such an impact. Now, off to make a few more of these lovlies, maybe something for Fall.

August 25, 2009

From Dollar to Dynamic

Final editing of my first online workshop series "From Dollar to Dynamic" is complete. This series shows how to take a mundane item and alter it into something extraordinary.

Why an online series? What could be better than gathering your supplies and sitting in the comfort of your own home to create your very own art; much less with items that cost not more than A DOLLAR (so you don't feel so bad if you mess it up).

Look, the cost of a mixed media class like this would cost a minimum of $30 at a local craft/art store. Here you've got a video to use for future reference, TWO projects and the opportunity to create when it suits your schedule, not the store schedule. I find that especially appealing as a mom; most of my projects are done in the wee hours of the night.

Below is a sneak peek of what the workshop entails. Early bird registration of $25.00 by September 5Th; after which the workshop fee becomes $35.00

August 19, 2009

Tour de Freaks ~ August

Time for another great Tour de Freaks blog hop. Grab your gigantic cups of coffee and sit down for the next 30 minutes and enjoy this creatively crafty crew!

If you've just selected the "next on tour spot" button from the prior blogger (the fabo Wendy Wexler) then you're in the right spot.

First up. a hand crafted gift box. Here are some general directions for recreating the box. If you need more direction than what I've listed, please don't hesitate to send me an email. I'd be happy to help.

The top of this little box was created with the Stampin' Up! Petal Card die from Sizzix. First cut Dusty Durango cardstock the size of the Bigz die. Glue your designer paper (Merry Moments) to your Dusty Durango cardstock. Face your designer paper down and work through your Big Shot. Now you have the top.

The inner square of the Petal Card is 2 1/2", so to create a box to fit underneath, you simply need to score your cardstock at 2 1/2" intervals.

Before adhering the sides together, stamp snowflakes (from the upcoming Holiday Mini) using Soft Suede and Curry on the outside of the box.

The snowflakes were simply cut from the opposite side of the Merry Moments designer paper I used for decorating the top. The rest are just some fun embellishments.

Here's another project using the Merry Moments designer paper. Just goes to show you how versatile the paper is ;-)

The Soft Suede paper in the rear of the card is a Top Note die cut so just the edges show. The stamp is "True Friends", and oldie but a goodie!

To get multiple colors on the flower, I first stamped in Curry and used a sponge dauber to tap around the inked rubber using Dusty Durango.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you've enjoyed the projects.

Now, to get to the next blog (the amazing Ms. Gretchen Barron), just click on the blog hop image below.

August 14, 2009

Rubba's Gotta go! 50% - 75% off

Time to clean out some of my oldie but goodie stamp sets. These sets have served me well, but, it's time to let them go.

A glimpse of a few images below but there are many more. Check out all the sets available HERE.

There is only one stamp set available for each (unless otherwise noted). This is the 'first' bunch. I have more to photograph and share this weekend.

Priority shipping on all sets. If you are interested in multiple sets let me know and I'll calculate the shipping for mailing them together.

These are on a first come first serve basis. Check the link to view all sets available.

August 13, 2009

Free Vintage Ephemera

How many of you took Gregg shorthand while in school? I had the privilege (yes....privilege) while I was in high school yet never did put it to use. I think for the most part those mini recorders became more popular and then there wasn't much need for a stenographer (I believe that's what they were called).

I found this shorthand ephemera download on Stampington today. I would have never know if I didn't subscribe to their Postscript newsletter. It's always full of great ideas and surprises.

You can find more free downloads of this Vintage Ephemera HERE. Not sure I like using the word Vintage and annoncing I took this in High School; because I am far from Vintage. Does anyone know what it's says? I'm going to print it out and write down my GUESS (gotta make it well known that I am only GUESSING).

Sometimes when I head up to the attic to dig for things, I come across my old Gregg book. It makes the trip down the attic stairs with my other finds. Soon I'm off looking for a pen and paper to start my feeble attempts at writing shorthand again. Usually after an hour I throw in the towel. I was never 'that' good at it. I think after the 3rd semester I was lost. Still it's fun to reminisce.

You know, this is really an old writing art form. There aren't many that still know how to do it and I don't believe they teach it in the school any more. Kind of like Calligraphy. Maybe I can generate some new interest and get things rolling again.

In other news. Soon I will be offering online workshops for those who can not attend my events locally. There is so much to share, and what better way than to make it available online.

My first series will be "From Dollar to Dynamic". This particular workshop will show you how to create some holiday mixed media art. All the projects I've created so far have come out better than expected.

Currently I'm in the midst of video editing. It won't be long. The techniques used during the workshop will be something you can use again and again.

In the next few days I'll have a little intro video to share, giving you an idea of what it's all about. Until then, here's a little sneak peek of the "Halloween" piece I've created.

August 11, 2009

Fantastical Fall and ATC's

Well, the BIG news is, ALL the kids are in school together, at the same school, at the same time.

That translates into less driving (one less stop) and getting more artwork created.

I've had my nose to the grindstone preparing for Fall workshops. Fall and Spring are two of my favorite season (as I'm sure it is for the rest of the world). In a few weeks I'll be launching online video classes "From Dollar to Dynamic". It shows you how to take simple items from the dollar store and transform them into something beautiful. My goal is to have a few sneak peeks by the end of the week.

Let's cut this short before I spill to many beans. One thing for sure, I am ecstatic in that this is my first mixed media class. The final details are being worked out this week; video editing, supply list, etc. You're all going to be really surprised with what I've created (really).

Here's an itty-bitty sneak peek of project 1.

Well, it's not much to go on but that's no sneak peek is that revealing.

Below was a card I created for Card of the Month. The theme was transportation. That little car image is an Amuse stamp and the diamonds are from....hum, I THINK Above the Mark rubber stamps.

ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) have once again resurfaced in my art work. Here's is fun little card I created a few weeks ago. It's interesting to pull together a little work of art only 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 .

The back of the card is from a Community Coffee sleeve from the local coffee shop. I have an image of the back on my Flickr site. The red oval was simply created with a stencil. The swirls were stamped in Stazon and onto an old sheet of pattern paper.

Lastly, here are my FAV'S of the bunch. These are hand-drawn and colored Tim Burton inspired ATC's. I designed the spider myself. The base of these are coasters and I colored them in with washes of acrylic paint. The spider is colored with Prisma. Fun, fun, FUN!

That's it gang. Now, back to editing those videos. I only have 5 hours ya know...then it's off to the carpool line.

Have a great Tuesday!


August 6, 2009

Tim Burton ATC swap

I've joined a special ATC swap where we're required to create something in Tim Burton fashion. I'm a huge fan if Tim so when I read about this swap I just HAD to join.

The card started out on Watercolor paper but it was not developing into what I had visioned. Here's a bit of my progress. Some stamping and embellishes are needed to jazz this up some.

Prisma color pencils were used and watercolor crayons as well for colors.

Here's the official ATC card. Again, it's nowhere near finished. Sadly I'm stumped in adding background to this image, SO, I'll resort to coloring in the other spiders and cutting them out and layering them onto another card. Who said creating art was easy?

I came across a new artist offering digital illustrations. Maurie J. Manning is the owner of "Digital Pencil Too" and offers the most precious images. She's created illustrations for many children's books and is now offering her drawings to paper craft artist.

Here's one of the three images I purchased from her Etsy shop. Good thing about digital is the only storage for the image is your computer and you can print it to any size you'd like.

This cute kitten and pumpkin was colored in using once again, my Prisma color pencils. This is just line work. If I blend at all it's with a white prisma (but rarely). Many artist blend with Gamasol and a stump, but using that stump against the paper gives me the hebbie jebbies!

Off to finish my ATC's.

August 2, 2009

Jelly Belly Halloween surprise

It's been raining since 8am. It's now 3:00pm and it's still coming down; drizzling. Shortly I'm about to head outside with my sketch pad, to enjoy the rest of this weather while it last.

Today I decided to try my hand at some hand-made crochet flowers. I've seen them all over the Internet and have been itching to create one. They're so tiny and feminine. Here's a few Cindy Van Sluys created. Seeing her lovelies is what first put the idea into my head.

I took me close to 3 HOURS to make just one of flower. Now, it didn't take me three hours to crochet. Some of that time was spent looking for suitable fiber, a needle, getting old books from the attic, browsing through said books and looking for info on how particular chains were made.

As a last resort I opted for an online video from You Tube. I still had trouble with it. My flower was twice the size of the instructor. I was never good a crocheting. Still, I'm persistent in getting one made that is nice enough for my art. Practice makes perfect I guess.

Now on to the second project of the day. A fun little jellybean treat card for the kids. The card uses From the Crypt stamp set (SU!)., a few circle punches and one recycled object.

A close-up of the side of the card. The container is filled with pear flavored Jelly Bellies. Those gourmet can be quite pricey, but they work well for this particular project; any project really where you need to 'color coordinate'.

Here is what the jellybean case is made of. Great idea huh? I have some of those mini Mott's Applesauce containers saved for another project very similar to this. Maybe fill it up with cookies or marshmallows. YUM!

SU! will be coming out with something very similar in September. Unfortunately I didn't want to wait. Besides, isn't it great to recycle the things you have?

The images below will show you the basic assembly. You can make the square the main cup is in any size you want. What's important is the size of the hole for laying over the cup. I used a 1 7/8" circle punch to make the hole. You could probably use another size but that seemed to work well. You want the circle large enough to go over the cup and lie flat on top of the card.

The green circle inside the cup is simply for extra support (to keep the jelly's in). Lay sticky strip over the cup; this will secure it to the main card.

Turn the cup over and lay it on your base square layer (refer to the main image for layering). Press down on the cup to secure those strips of tape.

Attach your stamped image right over the top of the olive green base. Note: both circles use the same circle punch. Two dimensionals were placed on top of the cup to 'lift' the skull image away. You want to lift it up, it will not lie nicely flat on the cup; the inner circle has a recess.

That's it! Now, it's your turn. Save those crystal light containers, applesauce and other plastic cups to create your own. I'd love for everyone to see what you have created. Send me what you've done by August 7th and I'll post all the images here for others to see.

August 1, 2009

Butterfly Trio

I've taken the from my day to create projects that aren't 'business' related. It's nice being able to create freely, without worrying about copyright marks and such. Sometimes following 'rules' can inhibit your creative spirit :-)

Today I created an ATC for a ATC Butterfly lottery. The butterfly images were actually book plates I found at Anthropology in the clearance section. Ever buy something because it speaks to you? Well, these beautiful images did just that. I knew they'd eventually wind up in my art, just didn't know how.

Here's what the original book plate looked like before cutting out the center image.

Here I'm using the Twinkling H2O's I purchased, let's say, over four years ago and used them once since I had them. I've simply chosen a color that would compliment and highlight the wings of the butterfly and applied the H2O's with my paintbrush. It's a 'bright' brush; very, very short bristles for painting detials.

The little gold medallion has a 'b' on it. I purchased these over 4 years ago as well. Once again, knowing I'd use them in art. The pack only cost $1, clearance ya know.

Take a look at the very base of the card. The green marble looking colors is an old polished stone technique. I took 3 color coordinating reinkers, wet a cotton ball with alcohol and then dabbed the ATC card with it.

You should know, the ATC card is an 'official' ATC card base; meaning it has a plastic coating on it. I purchased them from an official ATC supplier. Guess what? I purchased them YEARS AGO, LOL! See a pattern here?

Don't say it. I know many of you do the same. As all artist know, it is best to get what you want when you want, then you'll have it on hand when you decide to actually use it. It's similar to looking at old photographs in the attic ever so often. You see them and it brings back memories of the past. When you see supplies you purchased eons ago, the memories resurface of what you purchased them for an reignites your desire to use them. Well, that's how it works for me.

Once the polished stone on the base card was dried I used my old French Script background set (SU!) and gold embossed the text. The card was then trimmed on all sides by a sliver to allow layering on top of black cardstock.

ATC cards measure 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" (if memory serves me correctly). If that is not the correct size and you are the recipient who gets this ATC card, please ignore the measurements listed above. It's close enough.

To finish up the piece, hang the small metal circle by wire, addd ribbon and a little antique sponging.

If you've never tried ATC's I encourage you to do so. Lots of artist collect them now a days. Each one is signed and numbered individually, just like a real work of art. Mini masterpieces if you ask me.

You can store your ATC's in those old baseball card sleeves (in fact, they are the same size of a baseball card). If you'd rather not collect them, then consider using them as accents for your greeting cards or scrapbook pages.

Have a great weekend.