February 23, 2011

Christening Cross Gift Box

I've been playing for the past week with the Easter Cross Gift Box.  I've got 4 more boxes prepped for design. 

Here I've modified the box for a Christening gift box.  What do you think of using the same box for a communion or confirmation???  This all white them would be just as good for a Wedding favor (which is one of the four boxes waiting in the wings).

February 21, 2011

Sixlets Easter Cross Box

Playing with the Easter Cross Box Template.   This little box was stuffed with some Easter colored Sixlets chocolates.  What was most difficult about this was trying not to eat the candy. 

February 20, 2011

Pennant & Jungle Box 'How-to'

For those who have asked, her's a quick how to for creating the pennant and the Jungle Treat box from the tour yesteday.  I think the photos are pretty self-explainatory but if you have any questions leave a comment and I'll address it in the post; this may help others who have the same question.

Now, for the jungle treat box.  I've shown the directions on one side of the cone but you'll repeat the steps on both the left and right cone; and you'll want to create TWO of these. 

First, measure down 2" and then another 1/2" along the left, middle and left side of the cone die.  Next, draw a horizontal line at the base of each of the 2" marks.  Draw another horizontal line along each of the 1/2" marks.  These cuts and scores will create the base folds of your box. 

Find the center point of the curve and create score lines as shown.

Cut along the bottom of the 1/2" mark, discarding everything below.  What you'll have is something similar to the image below.  Cut the sides of the 1/2" base on small 30" angles.  Repeat all the steps to create the second half of the box (you'll need two of these to make a box).

You can now run your peices through any embossing folder of your choice. 

Assemble the sides of the cone just as you would do normally (using tabs).  Fold up the bottom flaps.  Punch (2) - 1 1/2" squares, attachng one to the base of the box and another to the inside.  Apply glue to the top folded arches of the box, securing with a paper clip until dry.

They you have it! It's easier than it looks.  Just get through your first one and then rest will be a breeze. 

February 19, 2011

February Tour de Freaks

The 20th of the month has arrived and that means it's time for another Tour de Freaks blog hop.  The theme for this month is Birthday's, and who doesn't need fresh ideas for that?!

If you've already been touring then you've probably just come from Debbie Currier's blog and checked out her amazing projects!

For my projects, I decided to put my Fox and Friends stamp set to use and for some fun animal party favors.  The boxes were made with the new Petal Cone die.  To make your own, measure 2 1/2" down from the top of the cone and toss out the remaining half of the cardstock. 

Next for my card, I used another image from the Fox and Friend and some extra images from the Extreme Elements set.

Curious about the pennant?  Cut various colors of cardstocks in strips of 3/8" wide and then use the bottom half of the large star punch to remove the base.  I've taken some 'how-to' photos and will share them in a few days so you can continue with the tour.

Now, you've got to hop on over to Lisa's Martz's blog to see what she's created to put some Yummy treats in and the coordinating card to go with it.  The colors are fabulous!

Thanks for taking the time to tour with me this month!

February 10, 2011

The Folded Heart

I'm getting ready to share some paper origami hearts I created last weekend.  What I'm not going to share is the amount of time I spent on the internet looking for the 'how to's".  Really, time is valuable and if I weren't so anal to find the PERFECT instructions I would have been done in an hour (2 at the max).

The idea surfaced back during January when I took my daugther and her friend to get their nails done.  There a beautiful folded heart on the wall behind the register.  It was all I could do not to ask, "Do you mind taking that off your wall so I can see how it is made?".  It was this version but with white paper:

Two months later I decided to hunker down and find the pattern.  One thing led to the next and then began my obsessions of folding paper Valentines.  Here's another:

There are two different kinds shown above.  One has this expanding fold-out layer on top, the other is just a fold over, nothing fancy. There's something relaxing about making them.  You can cut 100's of sheets of paper in advance and just make hearts while waiting at the Dr.'s office, in carpool or for your chicken to cook (OK..maybe not that).

What you aren't seeing are the miniatures I created.  I've cut up strips of pink post-it notes at the office and created tiny hearts while waiting for programs to run.  I've even started creating hearts from the gold foil covering the Hersey nuggets at my desk.

The good thing about creating hearts is being able to use them all year round, not just for Valentine's Day.  That's what I'm saying to myself to justify the hours (DAY) I spent researching the BEST template evuh!

Want to try these for yourself, you can find directions here THREE WISDOMS.COM 

If you want to try the other kind, check out this link for ORIGAMI HEART. Of course, if you do a search for Origami heart you'll find LOTS of varieties, just try not to get hung up on those little beauties like I did.

February 8, 2011

Peanut Smacking

Here's my angel, enjoying some raw peanuts. 

In case you're wondering.  What you hear in the background is Alyssa's "Come ooonnnnnnnn".  She was waiting for me to drive her to a friends house and was not all impressed by my attention to the squirrel.

February 7, 2011

Groovey Glasses

The boys found their grandpa's old eye glasses (before thinner lens were in style).  The youngest was the first see what they looked like.  After putting them on (and not being able to see clearly) he says, "These must be for 3D", LOL!!!  Silly boy.

Whatever was the reason for having the frames so big? 

Does anyone remember the age children out grow over-correcting chapped lips? 

The clutter on the floor is from the spouse going through his dad's old photos.

February 4, 2011

Valentine Card Submissions

I posted these Valentine cards way back in September for a magazine submission.  Now that it's officially February, I thought it might help spark some creative juices for everyone.

"Sally's wearing a red dress, red dress, red dress.  Sally's wearing a red (with polka dots) all day long."

...add a few poppy dots with your poppy marker to add extra character to the designer paper...

...and my FAVORTIE...