September 7, 2009

Blog Swap ~ My Musings

A few weeks ago I signed up for a blog swap. The purpose of course is to share my the link to my partners blog with my readers and vice versa. It's a great way to learn about a blog that you may not have know existed, thus opening your eyes to the vastness of this great big Blogoshpere we reside in.

My swapping partner is Pushpa and her blog is My Musings. Pushpa and I were paired as 'creative' sources. While I create with paper, Pushpa creates with words. You see, Pushpa is a poet. She writes 3 - 4 poems a week!

Here's a bit more background on Pushpa (only a 'few' notes, you can read more in her bio on her blog). She is from India and has a post graduate degree in Special Education. She taught international English in 1982 for 3 years in Parimaribo. She has written 2 books on computers for children and a set of 24 modules in Mathematics. Pushpa also has an inspirational story published in Chicken Soup for the souls.

Here is a sample of a recent poem:


Poetry can paint true feelings
Even when laced with random thoughts
Colors, designs, shapes inter-locked
Captured inside an intricate prints

The eye within sees the colorful shades
With different hues at titled angles
Thoughts mingle with greater ease when
Words emerge refreshed from painted canvas

They jump off easel with renewed verses
Unlocking rhythm of compressed thoughts
Colors, design, shapes, unzipped
Poetry jumps to express the feelings.

If you'd like to read more of Pushpa's poems, be sure to check out her blog: My Musings.

It's amazing being able to learn about someone who lives clear across the other side of the world. We forget how big the Internet is and it's capabilities.

I hope you visit Pushpa's blog and stop by to tell her "Hi". She's got a wonderful, kind spirit!

Thanks Pushpa for being my blog swap partner.

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