October 8, 2010

Shakespeare Antics

A few updaetd photos of the baby squirrel.  She's doing great.  Comes out of the tree in the monring and evening for a bit of milk and back to the tree.

Peanuts....YUM!  (unsalted of course). 


PawwPadd said...

Hi, I'm so glad to see Shakespear doing so well. She's beautiful! You've done a great job raising her! I hope you got my last email about what to feed her. The site I sent is pretty good. You've saved her life and you should be very proud of your family and your daughter for bringing her home. That shows she has a respect for all life and hopefully recognized it as one of God's creations.
Take Care. Love your art work! Thanks for sharing. www.pawwpadd-caseyspitterpatterchatter.blogspot.com

Lorraine Castellon-Rowe said...

Wow! This is just amazing to me. What a wonderful story. I read your post when you first found Shakespeare. He's so lucky you found him instead of another animal. I'm just amazed at how he let's you hold him and feed him. We have a lot of squirrels in our backyard and I feed them all but never by hand. Thank you for being such a kind and loving family and taking care of Shakespeare. Also, thank you for your incredible artwork! I actualy came here to see your snow queen sleigh. It's absolutely beautiful along with all of your other things. I will definitely be back. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.