January 6, 2012

Peekaboo Slider

Putting to use some of my new goodies from the SU! Occassions Mini. If you've like the doily effect, then you'll appreciate the new Large Doily Sizzlit.

Check out this peekaboo slider card put together. It's Easter themed. Kind of skipped over Valentines day but I was in the mood for Easter at the time.
If you'd like to try this slider for yourself you can download the template HERE.

Here's what the doily cutout looks like after you run it through your Big Shot.  The blue circle is what remains after taking my scissors to it.  The scallop disc is not related to the template, I only used it to cover the rough edges on the blue cardstock after attaching to my slider insert.

***  I've received responses from 3 viewers that they are receiving an error code when downloading.  The error is due to maximum downloads.  You may receive a message "the file has already been downloaded". 

Please check your computer for the location of your download files.  You should do a search for "Peekaboo*.Zip" on your "C:/" drive.  Once your computer list the location of the file, cut and paste it into a directory you can find in the future, i.e. "C:/Templates".

Below is an image that may help you:


ArtisticInkspirations said...

Slider card is beautiful Melanie, but the template download file has an error and cant' be downloaded.

PocketsOfInspiration said...

Thanks Connie. The error is caused from multiple downloads to your personal computer.

Check the post again to find find the steps for locating the file on your computer. Let me know when you find it.