January 25, 2013

Pucker Up Loveseat

Finally had a chance to play with the Pucker Up template from the first release of the 2013 Sampler.

The idea for designing this Pucker Up template was spawned from remembering those gigantic lip loveseats. 
I love the red polka-dot paper.  It was screaming to be used.  I rolled a few wooden balls into a Red Riding hood ink pad to create the feet.
The best part of all...you get to stuff it with 'Kisses".  What better way to offer up Kisses than in big Kissy Lips template.
One tip whilst you create your own.  Don't buy the kisses until AFTER you've assembled the box or you'll wind up with nothing much to stuff it with.
The Pucker Up tempalte can be found in the January 2013 issue, "Tokens of Love" of the Paper Crafters Sampler.

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