July 16, 2014

Enjoy the Passing of Time

The mere image of an Adirondack chair brings to mind rest and relaxation.  View them at the beach, lakes and patio decks; it seems the chair is design specifically for that reason alone. 
The Adirondack Chair Box template proved to be a challenging design.  One goal as always is to make the template functional, thus the reason for the hidden box beneath the seat and to make sure it reclined, both which were successfully incorporated into the template.
Here's a sample of the Adirondack Chair Box template from the Paper Crafters Sampler, July 2014 "Elements of Summer"  issue.  The bright cheery colors and appropriate text couldn't be for fitting for summer.

For more information on the Paper Crafters Sampler July 2014 issue and to purchase your own template, select the following link.


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