March 17, 2016

Blogging and Life

What's the deal with this lag between post?  An 8 month gap between my posts was not in the plan.

What can I say.  Life has been CraZy!  Things pop up, family requires your attention, so you make adjustments.  Family first.  Fun later.

I could sit here and write 3 page (longer actually) blog post of all that has happened, but as we all know, time is valuable.

What ignited this post? It's simple.  I MISS creating and sharing.  I miss my blog, the comments and the reader comments.  

Actually, "miss" is an understatement.  Creating is a part of who I am.  When I'm not creating, depression sets in.

My absence was due to the everyday tasks.  They were suffocating really, and some still are.  That's why I can't put it off anymore.  It's my release.  A getaway from the trials and hurdles of everyday.

To many times I put off creating until the cleaning was done, the homework completed, and dinner was prepared.  There was always a catch though.  Just when I thought I had caught up, something else would need attention and then I was simply to tired for my mind to think creatively.

We (women) need to take time for ourselves.  You hear others say it, you read about it, but yet we simply don't.  

Well, it's time.  Time for me.  Time to create.  Art WILL be incorporated into my everyday life.  It has to be.

I need to create for sanity.

I need to create for happiness.

Creating = Joy

Time to get back on route to my creative journey.

Live Creatively my friends.

1 comment:

Tootsy said...

Oh! Melanie,

Nobody can keep you discipline or blame yourself to choose your own priorities!
As I understand, 5 months ago that I didn't have the spirit to create because it shopped the purchase of a House and that we had to fill boxes. When finally, When I sit down to my desk, my mind can't close its open folders and leave place out creativity...
It's like I ever had to extinguish the fire which end in me! 😞