May 10, 2008

Jefferson Flea Market Adventure

I guess Blogger is having a few issues with the 'scheduled posts'. I scheduled something to be sent out at 11am this morning, and apparently that didn't happen. I guess it's a good thing because I was a busy bee today and have some Saturday ramblings to share with you.

Today I was off to Metairie to start a new quarterly stamp club. I always enjoy morning drives this time of year into the New Orleans area. It's a peaceful drive, especially when the kids aren't in the car arguing (they were off to St. Francisville with dad for a picnic with friends and some creek wading). Our hostess for the club (Becky) was prepared for everyone with great breakfast foods, like bagels with whipped philly and lip-licking pastries from the famous Haydel's bakery.

If you are EVER are in the New Orleans area, you should make a stop to Haydels Bakery. I would recommend the DOBERGE cake....YUM! So, SOOOOO good! Just look at all these layers of pudding, chocolate ganache and cake.

I should probably eat something before posting any more dessert images.

Everyone did an excellent job of completing their cards today. These girls are real paper crafters and enjoy scrapbooking as well as 3D projects. Here's a photo I took while they were working on their last card. You can see they are quite busy .....moving at the speed of light.

Thanks for your hospitality Becky. I enjoy visiting and love that your family is so close by, it's very cozy and warm to see you all interact together.

Once the girls finished all their projects, I packed up and headed to the flea market. There's one thing you should remember about Flea Marketing, and that's to bring LOTS of water or some beverage to drink. I forgot how hot and humid it gets in New Orleans and being inside of a metal warehouse is even hotter. Still, it was nice to rummage through things looking for treasures.

Here was the Flea Market of my choice (which I am happy to say still exist, in spite of Katrina). It is right against the levee on River Road.

I did take a few 'inconspicuous' photos, but THIS is by far my favorite.

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?!!!! I should have purchased it when I was there....but no one was around to pull it out for me and I didn't feel like walking back up to the front (it was getting hot-er).

This piece was only $22.00. Do you think that's a reasonable price? I do. I just LOVE it. They say, when Flea Marketing or Antique shopping you should always get the item that sparks your eye, or that gives you the feeling of "I just CAN'T live without it". Check out that big pearly thing in the upper left corner. Kind of cool huh? I guess I can kiss that cameo good-bye since everyone knows where it's located now. You may know the building...but finding it in the shop is gonna be tough...mwwwahahahahah.

Here are a few more interesting objects I spotted. I think this item was called a plaster cabinet. NO clue as to what it was for. I thought plaster was sold in buckets (like at the hobby stores). It was appealing regardless. Something about the wood and peeling labels on front. It seem so many labels back in 'the day' were done in black.

Here's a close-up. Such a neat item.

Next we have this pink straw hat. I'm not a hat person (although I have tried on occasion), but I thought the color was fab. Very playful.

There you have my Saturday ramblings. The family will be home soon after their bonfire and I should eat before they arrive. Tomorrow I'll share a few of my purchases from the Flea Market and some more fun images for Perkins Rowe canvas ads.


Teresa said...

ok, so I think maybe you have started me on a new adventure- flea marketing... First I have to find one, but omg... That stuff is awesome!! Love that cabinet! Thanks for sharing the great pics! Hugs, T from

Unknown said...

Melanie! I just discovered your blog! Love it!!!

You should have bought the cameo set. It is simply beautiful - I love cameos.

About the plaster box - belladonna (deadly nightshade) and capsicum (chili pepper) were both used for muscle pain/strain. The chemical components would have been added to a large bandage to relieve discomfort.

How come I never find cool stuff like that when I go into flea markets? I guess I need to hang with you!

PocketsOfInspiration said...

HI Ginger! Thanks for explaining about that Plaster box. I had no idea.