February 1, 2009

Heather Sleightholm ~ Spotlight Artist

While I'm away from this blog quite OFTEN, I do have intentions of keeping it up. If only my "hyper-surroundings" didn't beckon me so often (hyper-surrounding = kids). Currently, "The Destroyer" (our youngest) is asking for juice. Let's see if I can get through this quickly before he returns.

As I type this post, I'm thinking of the newest project that awaits my final design. I'm procrastinatnig actually. It's very frustrating to want to sit and focus on something, waiting for the moment when someone will need me for something (such as the Destroyer), or an argument I might have to intervein, or to stop "The Beast" (our Weimaraner) from chewing on any of the kids. In fact, I can hear those hyper-surroundings getting closer, which makes me nervous....b/c it means I'll have to stop typing this post. If that happens, my thoughts will have been forgotten and as well as what the contents of this post was supposed to be about, LOL!

OK...the hyper-surroundings have gone off in another direction, I'd say I'm good for at LEAST 5 minutes.

I have been wanting to share with you an artist I discovered online through my COUNTLESS hours of random blog surfing. She has THE most amazing artwork (IMO anyway). While there are many artist I admire, there are few who's artwork makes me want to run into my studio (aka: dining room takeover) to start creating for myself. The details, the layers, the colors....it's all so beautiful; wonderful, warm and loving.

Her name is Heather Sleightholm and she is the creator of Audrey Electic. I purchased this peice from her during the Christmas Holidays:

And here's a close-up. So sweet.

I think what draws me into them are the warm colors. Very earthy, just my style.

The image above entitled "Be Blessed" was my first purchase. I think she had a handful in her etsy shop. I was looking for something close to what is shown on her Blog. I was so excited when it finally arrived. I think it was THE best Christmas present I received (even though I purchased it myself).

Soon after I purchased two more beautiful collages. Here's one. I'll have to photo the other and share with you later. The flash was so bright on the canvas, it didn't look natural and I wanted to give you the best possible view of it. >>> FYI: I've been disturbed 4 times already by hyper-surroundings, but I am insisting on finishing this post <<<

Can you see the details in this? Look close at the images under the paint, on the dress & the harlequin pattern on the left side of her head? What I like most about this print is the heart garland the angel is holding.

Now for the BIG news. Heather as agreed to create a 8" x 10" canvas (just as these) as an auction item for upcoming Crop Celebration. I'm so excited!!! I'm planning on bidding on it myself...secretly keeping my fingers crossed that I can actually win it.

Looking at Heathers work reminds me of how much I need to get back into creating my own artwork. I keep putting it off. No more excuses, (except for the random hyper-surroundings).

Have a great week.


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