June 28, 2009

Inspiring color from the Masters

There are hundreds of color challenges online for those needing input on creating paper crafts. The color patterns can be generated anywhere, whether it's a room layout found in a home interior magazine or a paint sample at the home depot (which is what I use myself quite often; gotta love the freebie ideas!).

Using modern colors from designs of today is great, but there are other, older methods of getting color inspiration. Inspirations from the Masters: Matisse, Monet, DaVinci, Degas. You can find their work and more at the ARC site, (aka, the Art and Renewal Center).

A few of my personal favorites are Pierre-Auguste Cot and Lord Frederick Leighton. I think what draws me to them the most are the feminine images and damsels with their beaus.

Take a look a the site. There are so many beautiful images. Here's one of a lovely angel. What do you think about the colors of her wings? Blues, browns and yellows.

Here is an "Egyptian Beauty". What colors do you see here? Violet and cream for sure, but what of the red on the chair and blue in that arch? I would say Night of Navy for lack of a better name. An advantage of being a SU! demonstrator is I know the SU! color wheel and it's real easy to relate their colors to a color in art such as this.

That red is throwing me off. It's not a true red, more of a coral. One thing is for sure, I love, love, love the colors. I'm thinking this would make an excellent Winter card design. Hum, you may see a card or two up soon using this color theme.

The bottom line is, there are inspiring color themes everywhere. Pick up any book new or old and you're sure to find something.

Thanks for reading.


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rozie640 said...

WOW Mel, those colors are fabulous. Love your idea on looking around for color inspiration!